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How to get into paintballing

How to get into Paintballing: Paintball is a competitive and addictive shooting game which first played in 1981. Over the years there are many changes and advancement happen to a paintball game. However, the basic game remains the same and you can adopt any mode and level of play as you wish. You can start […]

Nitrogen tanks for paintball guns-Ninja Paintball
Paintball Tank

Nitrogen tanks for paintball guns

┬áNitrogen tanks for paintball guns: Nitrogen tanks or HPA (High-Pressure Air) tanks are the modern adaption CO2 tanks for paintball tanks. In this post, we will discuss in detail about the importance of an HPA tank, how to choose the best one and how to use them. A paintball gun uses HPA or Nitrogen tanks […]

Paintball Masks with Fans built in
Paintball Mask

Best paintball mask with fan

Does Paintball Masks with Fans built in really worth buying? Paintball Masks with fans built in? What is that? One of the nightmares of every paintball players is having his maks filled up with fog in the middle of a game. There is no way other than wiping it down by lifting your mask. That’s […]

Paintball Masks that dont fog
Paintball Mask

Paintball Masks that dont fog

Are you looking for paintball masks that don’t fog? One of the most frustrating moment, every Paintball players face during a game is the time when the mask fog up. It happened almost every time I play and needless to stay it spoil the momentum of the game. Why you should Prefer Paintball Masks that […]

Best Paintball Barrels for Accuracy
Paintball Barrel

Best Paintball Barrels for Accuracy

Paintball barrels are very important for those who want to improve the accuracy of their Paintball markers. Paintball barrels are of different varieties depending on its make and price. They differ in material from which it is made, diameter and length. So if you are planning to upgrade your paintball marker, then you must try […]