10 Best Paintball Gun

Top 10 Best Paintball Gun of 2020- Beginner to Pro List

Have you ever been on the paintball field, in the middle of a competition, relying on nothing but your trusted marker? Have you ever felt the exhilaration that comes with knowing you can win it all with just one more shot?

No doubt, playing paintball competitively or for the joy of the game comes with an unparalleled thrill. This feeling is thanks to the equipment you use, turning a sport into the real deal. Any passionate paintball player knows exactly how important it is to have a reliable and sturdy marker. Without this, the game would not be the same.

Given how intrinsically connected the gear is to the game, buying a new marker is an important decision. There are many factors to consider before you can commit to the perfect paintball gun for your requirements.

Paintball markers are highly specialized gear and don’t come cheap. That is why having the right marker for your personal needs is important. Purchasing the best paintball gun is thus a vital part of the entire game itself.

To make your decision simpler, here our recommendations for the top 10 best paintball markers on the market!

1.Planet Eclipse Etha 2

The Etha 2 by Planet Eclipse is the best of the best. This is a high-end revolutionary paintball marker with a new design and legendary technology. With this gun, you are definitely purchasing the best paintball marker on the market.

This paintball gun uses the iconic technology of the Gamma Core drivetrain. This allows it to function efficiently in any weather condition and environment. You can count on the Etha 2 to perform to its fullest potential no matter where you use it.

Not to mention, Etha 2 is a highly reliable piece of equipment. It is not only effective but runs smoothly without a hitch. It allows players stealth with low noise output. So now your opponent will never know what’s coming!

Despite its heavy-duty built, this marker is easy on fragile paint to ensure that your shot hits the target. That is what makes it the best paintball gun you can find!

Not only is it durable, but also easy to maintain. This paintball marker is built of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure the best performance on the field. And its tool-less grip access allows for easy removal and clean up.

Overall, this is the best paintball gun for all your accuracy, durability, and performance requirements. Moreover, the pricing is completely reasonable, given its intense and extraordinary operations.


  • Revolutionary Gamma Core drivetrain makes it suitable for all conditions
  • Durable build
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable and effective
  • Stealthy


  • No mentionable cons
Best Paintball Gun

2.Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber

The Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber is a popular marker that ranks high on our list of best paintball guns. It is built to give users the speed required to enhance their performance.

This model makes use of the patented Cyclone Feed System. Thanks to this efficient design, you can fire up to 15 balls per second without the use of batteries. To further increase your speed, the external selection allows you to switch from safety to firing mode with ease. So you’re sure to be the quickest shot out in the field with the A-5!

Moreover, the A-5 has an extremely ergonomic design. It comes with a longer front grip, and push pins are easy to remove. The build is also highly durable with an aluminum body.

The one thing you want to ensure on the field is that you hit your targets with the marker. And its accuracy is exactly what makes the A-5 one of the best paintball guns. With an 8.5” stock barrel that is stone-honed for greater accuracy, you simply can’t go wrong! Not to mention, the noise reduction feature helps you sneak up on your opponents.

This is also one of the best paintball markers for long-distance shooting. The low-profile gives you a clear sightline. And the effective range of shooting is 150 feet.

Lastly, this marker is easy to maintain and can be field-stripped in 60 seconds flat. The 2-year warranty also guarantees longevity. And you can always get creative with Tippmann’s other customizable add-ons to make your marker better than ever!


  • Cyclone Feed System for speedy shooting
  • External selector for quick switching
  • Ergonomic design
  • 5” stock barrel with greater accuracy
  • Noise reduction
  • Overall lighter weight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Customizable with other add-ons
  • 2-year warranty


  • Heavy to use
  • Steep pricing
  • Comparatively older model

3.Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

This .68 Caliber MadFed paintball marker from Tippmann is another top-ranked gun for the title of the best paintball gun. It comes with a wide range of specialized features that are sure to up your game!

This gun is an authentic military simulation styled tactical marker. When you’re out on the field with your buddies, you want the most intense experience. And this is the best paintball marker for that purpose. It gives you a taste of the most realistic military simulation from the second you carry it into the game!

It comes with a dual-feed option. You can make use of the MagFed or the Traditional loader for a versatile shooting experience. Its high performance makes it great for close quarter shooting and battle scenarios.

The Tippmann TMC MagFed comes with 20 rounds of Spring Driven Magazines and is a semi-automatic adjustable form 250-325 FPS. It has a streamlined design with a 12” high-performance barrel and internal stainless steel gas line.

Additionally, this paintball marker is a highly reliable piece of equipment. Its durability and reliability make a great option for all kinds of shooters. You will not only be able to perform to your best, but also clean your gun up with ease.

Finally, the TMC MagFed comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure complete satisfaction. It has great longevity and is unlikely to disappoint any user.


  • Realistic military simulation style
  • Durable build
  • Low maintenance
  • 1-year warranty


  • Relatively lower accuracy
  • Relatively lower speed

4.Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

The Cronus Tactical Marker from Tippmann is a great paintball gun for a variety of needs and styles. It delivers in areas of marksmanship, aesthetics, and durability.

The Cronus is built to withstand high-impact and has a composite body. Its new design makes it lighter, easier to carry, and easier to shoot with on the go. Although many parts are composed of plastic, the durability is nonetheless guaranteed.

This paintball marker is definitely manufactured to undergo the strain of the field. It ensures long-term and heavy usage. While utilizing this gun to its maximum, you don’t need to worry about cracks or breaks at all.

The Cronus is one of the best paintball markers you can buy because it combines Milsim style with easy usage. While using military simulation paintball markers, you also look for the thrill of the game. The lightness and high performance ensure that you don’t miss out on any aspect of the experience!

With a vertical grip and adjustable buttstock, the Cronus is a great fit for all shooters. It comes with a forward rail grip which can be positioned to fit the shooting patterns of any user. Thus it is one of the best paintball markers for mid-range shooting and paintball playing.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable
  • Light to use
  • Adjustable design


  • Relatively lower on accuracy

5.Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

The 98 Custom Platinum Series paintball marker is a highly reliable piece of equipment with great design and consistent performance.

The easy-to-use semi-automatic design ensures that you never feel at a loss on the field. You can be sure to perform well and put your faith in your gun.

The 98 Custom Platinum Series paintball gun is one of the best paintball guns thanks to its unique Anti-Chop Technology (ACT). This allows it to deliver consistently and eliminate ball chopping midway. Moreover, the new power tube design and inline bolt system will definitely enhance your shooting.

It is also easy to upgrade, as well as maintain and clean regularly. The split receiver gives you access to the inside of the gun for a simple and streamlined modification procedure. Additionally, the Picatinny rail at the top makes it easy to install any other gear, like scopes and handles. The only thing better than a high performing marker is one you can customize to fit your exact needs!

Not to mention, this paintball marker is highly durable with an aluminum die-cast receiver. The overall look is sleek and smart with a matte black finish. It can withstand wear and tear even in intense matches. And the stainless steel gas line is also rust and breakage resistance for added longevity.


  • Unique Anti-Chop technology
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy to upgrade and install accessories
  • Durable build


  • Accuracy requires adjustment
  • Customization is expensive

6.Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun

The Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun is a great choice and makes it to our top ten for best paintball markers. It is built for intense output and sturdiness that you can rely on.

This marker comes with a new and improved design that makes it perfect for all your matches. When you’re out in the field, you want a gun that gives you an edge over the opponent. And this gun, with its modern manufacturing, does exactly that.

The Axe Pro by Empire comes with a refined and ergonomic build. It is manufactured to make users feel comfortable as they aim and shoot. The grip and modeling are thus made to fit well in your hands.

This gun allows for easy maintenance thanks to an updated bolt removal system. You can access the internal components by easily unscrewing and taking this marker apart. Additionally, the screw sizes are much smaller and can be adjusted using only two hex wrenches.

Moreover, the durability of this paintball marker cannot go understated. It comes with upgrades like better waterproofing to save you trouble with clean-up. It has a new trigger and trigger guard system, along with a more accurate two-piece Driver XX barrel. And the clamping feed neck is also better than ever!

Another great feature of the Axe pro is that it comes with a full Redline OLED board. This is equipped with a joystick navigation feature.

Your shooting experience is bound to be thrilling and fun when you use the Axe Pro. It is built for intensive games while ensuring enjoyment thanks to its user-friendly features.


  • Easy maintenance and updated bolt removal system
  • Durable build with waterproofing
  • Improved design for comfort and efficiency


  • Customers had issues with loose screws and fittings

7.Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

The Victor Semi-Auto by Spyder is a little lower on our list, but still one of the best paintball markers. It is highly affordable and a perfect choice for beginners looking to learn the tricks of the trade!

Despite great pricing, this marker has some amazing features which would be appreciated even by hardcore paintball players.

For starters, it comes with a unique Air Efficient EKO valve system. This allows it to shoot up to 1500 shots when using a 20 oz CO2 tank. This is one of the highest levels of efficiency you can find in the market.

Additionally, the Victor Semi-Auto paintball marker comes with a high-impact polymer clamping feed neck. The ergonomic design comes with a high impact polymer trigger frame as well. And the two-finger trigger is matched with an external velocity adjuster to fit your needs.

With a 10″ Micro Ported Barrel and tool-free Striker Plug Design, your performance on the field is guaranteed. Moreover, the No-Slip rubber grip panel gives users greater confidence in shooting in intense and chaotic playing sessions.

This paintball marker is a good starting gun due to its lightweight and sleek design. The anodized matte finish makes a smart choice for any player. And the aluminum body is well-made.


  • Affordable
  • Intense output with Air Efficient EKO valve system
  • Light and good for beginners


  • The build is not as sturdy

8.Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Marker

The GTEK paintball marker from Eclipse is one of the best paintball markers in terms of just performance. However, over time it has been superseded by multiple newer models. The pricing of this gun is also higher than the latest improved versions. Nonetheless, it comes with several great features you can surely check out!

This paintball marker is unique for being the first to use the top of the line Gamma Core Drivetrain technology. Thanks to this, the functioning is efficient, noise output is lower, and the gun is adaptable to all weather conditions.

It is a reliable gun that is sure to perform well on the field. It ensures that your paintballs aren’t ruptured due to pressure. And thus gives you some great shots against your targeted opponents.

The GTEK can be easily disassembled for simple maintenance and convenient cleaning. Not to mention, it is both reliable and durable. As a result, you can count on its longevity and think of it as a good investment.

Additionally, this gun allows a good amount of output to give you a great performance on the field. You can shoot accurately for up to 120 feet and hit targets with great speed.


  • Gamma Core Drivetrain technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good output


  • Outdated
  • Relatively overpriced

9.Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

This paintball marker is a good gun if you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable but reliable marker. It may not be the best in the list of the best paintball markers, but its worth a mention!

Firstly, it comes with different firing modes. This gives you versatility on the field that can catch your opponents off guard. Not to mention, the enhanced design will also add to your overall performance.

The Paintball Mini GS paintball marker is easy to use a gun built for every kind of user. It has an improved rubber grip so you can play confidently on the field. The improved trigger frame also adds to the reliability of this marker. And the micro-switch trigger contributes to better accuracy.

Additionally, the feed neck is highly durable. And the design allows you to easily unassemble it thanks to the two-screw design. This makes maintenance and clean-up much simpler.

Not to mention, The Paintball Mini GS by Empire is a sturdy piece of equipment with an aluminum barrel. However, it remains light enough to use on the field, with just a total weight of 2lbs. When you’re trying to be stealthy and shoot accurately, the last thing you need is your gun weighing you down! Moreover, the lightweight allows you to add any upgrades and customizations without putting on extra baggage.


  • Affordable
  • Different firing modes
  • The micro-switch trigger for greater accuracy
  • Easy maintenance


  • Smaller build can be unsuitable for players with larger hands
  • Tank leakage can cause issues

10.Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

Finally, we have the Empire Axe 2.0 paintball marker. Although this gun ranks at the bottom of our list, it comes with several benefits of its own.

For starters, the shockwave board allows you to switch between multiple adjustable modes for firing. You can use the semi, ramp, burst, or full-auto modes while shooting.

The ASA regulator with an On/Off lever is another feature that players appreciate for overall enhanced performance.

The new and improved design of the Axe 2.0 is lighter than previous models. It saves 10% on weight as opposed to the older generation of this marker. Not to mention, it comes with a more accurate Driver XX two-piece barrel.

Additionally, the Anti Chop Eye system ensures better performance in the field. The low-pressure operation system ensures that the paint doesn’t dismantle while shooting. And the adjustable trigger gives you control over your shooting experience for the best results.

The maintenance for this marker is also simple and hassle-free. The push-button bolt removal system allows you to clean up without the use of tools.

Lastly, the Empire Axe 2.0 paintball gun comes in a dusty black coating for a smart and sleek look.  This can add some pomp to your overall look as you step out into the field for a thrilling match.


  • Different firing modes
  • Lighter weight for efficient use
  • Anti Chop Eye system
  • Easy maintenance


  • Might be prone to leakage
  • Louder output

A Brief Overview of Paintball Guns

Paintball guns are mainly used in shooting sports and also in forestry purposes. The other names of Paintball guns are paintball marker or simply a marker. So, let’s see why it is called a paintball and a marker. These guns use compressed gases such as CO2 gas in a capsule-like structure, i.e., filled with a dye called paintballs and in the forest, these are used to mark the target on the trees.

When fired, these guns have the velocity to travel up to 90 m/sec which is the reason for the damage. It can cause damage to humans also. But it causes temporary damages only, that is not so dangerous.

Types of Paintball Guns

It is one type of Paintball gun that looks like a pistol. There are two main categories in the paintball pistol. One is a pump and the other one is semi-automatic. So, now let’s see what the action of a pump category is…” pump” means reloading or tilting or getting ready for another shot after every single shot and the time is also very less.

Paintball Pistol 

It has a fore-end which can be pulled or pushed forward or backward. Left and right holders can use this pump-action very easily. Whereas “Semi-Automatic” means it reloads your gun quickly after a shot. Its use is very easing and can be used by beginners, youngsters i.e, for the people who are new to play.

Paintball Pistols are not used for high-level tournament games due to their lower shot capacity. So, if a player uses a Paintball Pistol in a game. Then he might not be able to defeat the opponent and win the game as well.

Paintball Sniper Rifle

Paintball sniper rifles are mainly used to take out opponents from long range. A player uses this most of the time, especially during extreme games. The advantage of this paintball sniper rifle is, it contains a telescope that can be used to see the enemies from a distance so that the army can shoot them before coming to them.

Without knowing the shooter’s position they can shoot easily, and due to the moving parts of the sniper rifle, it is lighter in weight. Long-range or short-range anything can be detected using this Paintball sniper rifle. Paintball sniper rifles mostly avoid making contact with the enemies. So one can shoot from a distance without making contact with them. 


“Handgun,” the name itself says it can be used with only a single hand. The handgun is used as a firearm in the early days. There are two types of handguns. One is revolvers and the other one is a semi-automatic pistol.

This type we have seen already in the Paintball pistols. That is, it can be reloaded and used easily. A revolver or a wheel gun contains a cylinder-like structure with bullets loaded in it. Usually, it is fired using the index finger. Unlike a Paintball pistol, it can be fired continuously by rotating the slots until the completion of bullets. So it can be used very easily. 

In those days, handguns were used by higher officials only. It was like a sword in a king’s hand only the police and other higher officials could handle it. Due to the high cost of handguns when compared to long guns everyone cannot afford it. Handguns became very expensive rapidly due to their quick-firing capacity.  

Machine Gun

Machine guns are mostly capable of continuous rapid firing. Its capacity is 500 to 1000 rounds in one minute. Every machine gun has a belt for holding it. It was developed in the 19th century. Later that machine gun has changed the things in the modern war fields also. There are mainly three types  of categories in the machine guns… namely

  1. The light machine gun:  The light machine gun also known as an automatic squad machine is used by one soldier,  which has a small caliber with intermediate power in the military unit. It is used for military purposes.
  2. The medium machine gun: The medium machine, which is known as a general-purpose machine gun, is placed on a tripod and fired by using full power in the military unit. It is also used for military purposes.
  3. The heavy machine gun: A special squad mostly uses the heavy machine guns or water-cooled machine guns in the military. They use a caliber of .50 inches. Since it has a belt-like structure, it is also used for military purposes.


The full form of AK-47 is Avtomat Kalashnikova-47.  It served the Soviet Union until 1947. Its length is 880milli millimeters or 35inches. Locking the firearm, i.e., a rotating bolt is one of its actions. In semi-automatic type, we have to pull the trigger after every single shot, whereas in fully automatic type, once we loaded the rifle, it continues to shoot it without our involvement until the bullets are completed.


M16 has a caliber rate of 5.56mm. This also has a belt-like structure to hold it. It originated from the United States. It has been used in many wars since those early days. M16 was designed in 1959 and used in many civil wars. Its maximum firing range is three thousand and six hundred meters. In present times m16 has a high range of products and is used by many countries globally. China produces eight lakh rifles. It has a wide range of users all over the world. After m16 the usage of m14 had been reduced slowly.

Pump Paintball Gun

Pump paintballs are mostly used to point the forest trees and for the castle purpose. These are the first originated guns. In the early days, most of the players used these pump paintball guns only as these were updated in the early days and it is the only option. It has a very slow rate of fire. Players cannot defeat their opponents with these guns these days… though they enjoy using these pump paintball guns. It is also available at a low cost. These pump paintball guns are very simple to use.


Electro-pneumatic is a type of Paintball gun that uses a gas contained in a solenoid. Electro-pneumatic contains a bolt and the movements of these bolts are operated by this solenoid. As the days passed the use and availability of these electro-pneumatic guns also increased rapidly. It has an infrared eye system which means it has two ball detection systems so that we can ensure that the rifle is loaded securely and the player can play without any hesitation.

Mechanical Paintballs

Pump paintballs and automatic paintballs come under mechanical paintballs. It consists of springs, valves, triggers to fire. It can be used as fast as we can. Players can use the triggers to shoot and win over the opponents easily.

Automatic Paintball Guns

Automatic paintball guns were invented in 1985 but it took five years to release these guns into the market, i.e., these guns were released into the market in 1990. Because it has several problems at the start but later, those were fixed though. It was made up of stainless steel. Its unique design helps to prevent blowing back the barrels on the shooters. It is used by pulling the trigger. When the trigger is pulled the valve is opened and the marker is ready to fire.

Tactical Paintball Guns

It is also a type of Paintball marker which is used by most of the players. It is well known for its accuracy. These are different from the others. When the trigger is pulled back that means the player is ready to fire. The cost of tactical paintball guns depends on its equipment.

Realistic Paintball Guns

When the realistic paintball guns have loaded the weight of these guns is not as heavy and does not differ from other guns. The range of realistic paintball guns is not the slightest one. When it’s loaded it can travel a long distance.  The accuracy is low when compared to modern guns.

What Defines a Good Paintball Gun?


This is one of the most important assets for choosing a paintball gun. Players take this seriously while looking for a perfect paintball for competitions. Most of the players want to shoot with accuracy by just sitting at the back. So for these players, accuracy is of utmost importance. Short-range markers come under the list of the guns which are much accurate within a few yards. Most of the games played under a closed site because of its accuracy.


Weight is also one of the features that define a paintball. The weights of the paintball guns differ with their capacities. Example, the weight of a sixty-eight caliber paintball gun is thirty-eight grams, whereas the weight of a fifty caliber paintball gun is 1.25 grams which are approximately equal to the paperweight clip. For example, based on its accuracy also it is varied. For short-ranged paintball guns, the weight is not as much as long-ranged paintball guns.


Material is one of the utmost important features of a paintball gun. It consists of different types of accessories like Drop Forward… which is used for the maintenance of the correct proportion of the marker. They have different sizes and different shapes. 

And another one is a Remote Linear a gas line… it is connected to a paintball and the tank. Its presence makes the player use the paintball more effectively. Lesser the weight of the paintball more the utility of the remote line. Most of the players did not use this in tournament levels because it adds extra weights to the paintball, so the player cannot use it freely which will affect the game for the player.

The next one is Pods… which contains a tube-like structure. They are made up of plastic. A single pod can store 140 paintballs at a time. Some pods also can store 100 or 10. They are available in our requirements. It is covered with a lid-like structure so that it cannot open when players need not use it. These are also called tubes due to their tube-like structure.

The next one is Harness… which is used to carry the pods. So it is also called a pod holder. Squeegee… it is used to clean the dirt in the paintballs. It is made up of plastic. Players should not clean frequently because it decreases the efficiency of the paintball, although they can clean it completely without partial cleaning when the time comes.

Another interesting one is the Barrel Block… It is used to block the end of the marker which will help to prevent the paintball from coming out of the marker when it is fired without the necessity.  

Price and Design:

The price of the paintballs started at just $150. The cost of the most expensive paintball gun is $1,995.. and yeah, it is the most expensive one in the world. Design is falling into two categories one is mechanical and the other is electro-pneumatic. Based on the requirement paintball is designed. 

Best Paintballs for the Players Play Style

Players should know how to select their paintballs for playing. Some of the best paintballs are.

Woodsball Paintball Gun

Other names for woodsball paintballs are woods paintball, hill ball paintballs, and bush ball paintballs. It is the best paintball for choosing. It is used to play in open areas like urban fields.

Speedball Markers

It is also one of the best paintballs. Players like beginners and intermediate players can use this speedball marker. And the cost of this marker is very affordable. Players can increase their shooting techniques using this speedball marker.  

RecBall and Milsim Paintball Guns

RecBall means recreational paintball. However, it is not much dangerous when compared to other paintball markers. It is used by most of the players. On the other hand, Milsim means military simulations. It is mostly used for military purposes. With the use of this, the operation can last up to six hours respectively. It is one of the best paintball markers that a player can choose. Players in the big games should choose his best paintball gun to win big competitions like tournaments. To defeat the opponent, he should try his best.   

How much do Cost of the Paintball Guns

Paintball is one of the guns which is used by most of the players worldwide. As we have already discussed the cost of the paintballs depends on the equipment given to the paintballs. A beginner should spend according to the equipment that is needed. It depends on caliber, capacity, material, and accuracy.

How to Upgrade a Paintball Gun?

Upgrading a paintball gun means rising or increasing its quality or ability. Upgrading the eyes of paintball makes to give a clear shot. Paintball grips are updated for the looks and to make the design more accurate. Paintball boards are also upgraded to get the multiple firing boards.
When it comes to upgrading a paintball board is upgraded firstly to improve its efficiency. The upgrading board means upgrading its electronics. Paintball bolts are also upgraded to increase its accuracy. So that players can easily win towards their opponents. Paintball regulators are also upgraded to maintain proper air pressure.

Basic Design Features of All Paintball Guns

The design features of a paintball gun vary with the body and design. Different types of paintballs have different types of features. The main components of the firing are present in the body. Cocking knobs, trigger which is pulled back for firing, venturing bolt all come with underbody features.

It is made up of Aluminium to reduce the weight of the paintball gun. Hopper or loader is also a basic feature of paintballs. Loading or reloading plays an important role. If you can’t load in time, no matter if you have a good paintball or what then it’s a waste of use. There are four types of hoppers: stick feed, stick feed, gravity feed, agitating, and force-feed.

Stick Feed… used for pump action. It can hold up to 10 to 20 paintballs at a time. Its action is slow. Electronics and mechanical paintballs cannot use this.

Gravity Feed… its action is simple and the cost is very cheap. Works best on mechanical paintball guns. When the marker is on a jam it is used to enjoy by shaking it.

Agitating… is best for mechanical paintball guns. These can be used with proper charging. It has a lot of use over a gravity feed.

Force Feed... the name itself says its action is very fast. It is used to load or reload the paintball markers very quickly that is 50 times per second. It is working on electronic pneumatic paintball markers only. These are the only markers that can handle this type of force-feeding. 

The compressed air tank and barrel also plays an important role in the basic features of a paintball marker. The two main types of compressed air or carbon dioxide, which is known as Co2, and high-pressure air, which is known as HPA. The barrel protects the paintball from the unnecessary release of the gas into the air. The length of each barrel is 3 to 21 inches, and the actual size of the barrels for large paintballs is 14 to 16 inches long.

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