clean a Paintball Gun with Water

Can you clean a Paintball Gun with Water

It is very important to clean and keep your Paintball marker in good condition after every game. Leaving your marker dirty for long will result in jamming and misfunctioning of it. An uncleaned marker will have less life compared to one which is properly cleaned. So can you clean a paintball gun with water?

Yes, you can clean a mechanical paintball gun with a wet towel or water. You can remove every marker parts and rinse them in water if needed. However, never rinse an electronic paintball gun in water under any case.

Thus, it is safe to clean a mechanical marker with water. This post will further discuss in detail on how often to clean a paintball marker and how to clean a paintball marker.

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As a first step, let’s dive into the topic ” how often to clean a paintball marker “

How often to clean a Paintball Marker

To answer this question we need to analyze what sort of game you play. For example, I regularly play paintball twice in a week, mostly on Saturday and Sunday. On every Sunday evening, I disassemble my marker parts, wash them with water and leave them to dry. Later I apply lubricants to every part and assemble them back.

This is my routine and you know something, I am using the same gun for the last 5 years without any issue or corrosion. From my experience, regular cleaning is very effective for marker life.

Regular Player – If you are a regular player, then it is better you clean your marker after every two games ( I game = 1 day). In this way, you can remove all the dirt and broken paintballs from your marker.

Not a Regular Player – I mean if you play once or twice in a month, then it is better to clean it on the same day. Leaving the marker dirty for one week or above will increase the chance for corrosion. This will result in malfunctioning or loosen parts.

I would say never leave your marker uncleaned for more than two days after a game. This will keep your marker safe and good for long use.

How to clean a Paintball Marker

Reminder – this post discusses mechanical marker alone because the electronic marker should not be rinsed in water.

Before we talk on the steps to clean a marker lets know what supplies you need to complete the process.

Materials needed

  • Allen keys
  • Schematic diagram of your gun (Refer your user manual)
  • Soft cloths
  • Paper towel
  • Squeegees
  • Warm water
  • Oil or lubricants

Steps to clean

Remove gears

Remove if you have any additional gears such as CO2 tank, hopper, etc connected to your gun. Then place a few rolls of paper towel on a table. Before your disassemble, it is always safe to place a white sheet below it to avoid misplacing of any O-rings.

Clean outer body

Clean the outer body with the help of warm water or by spraying some water on it. Then wipe off the water with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Check your Schematic Diagram

Refer your markers schematic diagram to get an idea on where the screws are and each internal parts.

Remove screws

Now remove each screw one by one and keep them safely in a container. Then remove the upper cover of your marker.

Disassemble and clean

Remove every part and keep them aside. Now clean the inner body of your marker with the soft cloth rinsed in warm water. Similarly, clean the individual parts without damaging them.

Use Squeegees

Use squeegees remove if any chopped paintballs are left behind in the barrel.

Lubricate the internal parts

Apply oil or any lubricants on every individual part with the help of a soft and thin brush. Since most the internal parts are metals, lubricants well protect them from corrosion.

Assemble your gun

Follow the schematic diagram and assemble the internal parts back to their position. With the help of Allen keys tight the screws back to their respective holes.

Keep it for dry

Finally, keep the marker out to dry in some open and warm place for one to two hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clean a paintball squeegee

Yes, you can clean a paintball squeegee if needed. A squeegee is a paintball gear which is used to clean or remove the broken paintballs from a barrel.


As discussed in this post you can clean a paintball gun with water. Regular cleaning of paintball gun will help your mark to work properly and efficiently. Cleaning with water is advisable only for mechanical markers.

How to Clean a Paintball Gun

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