Can you put Paintballs in the Fridge

Can you put Paintballs in the Fridge

You might land on this article to know can you put paintballs in the fridge and if so what are the benefits of doing it. To answer these question I did a detailed three different experiments of storing paintballs. I stored one bag in the fridge at a frozen temperature, then one in a cooler and another one in room temperature.

Yes, you can put paintballs in the fridge, but only for some time. Storing paintballs in freezing temperature will make it brittle and deforms. However, storing a paintball in a cooler for not more than 20 minutes will not harm them.

Storing Paintball Experiment

Let me explain the result of my three experiments one by one.

Storing paintballs in frozen temperature

I bought three bags of same paintballs online and kept one among them inside a fridge(freezing cold) for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I took the bag outside and tested it to see the result.

Within 2 minutes of taking the bag from freezer, I loaded them to my marker and fired.


Few balls were deformed and brittle than its normal condition. Since a few of them has changed their shape, they started to chop inside my barrel. Additionally, the balls were moving away my target may be due to frozen condition. Thus I ended up in spending additional time to clean my marker without any benefits.


From the above experiment, I feel freezing paintballs does not do anything good to them. Even though paintballs are designed to withstand cold weather they cannot cope up with frozen temperature. Thus avoid storing them in the freezer if it is not mandatory for you.

Storing paintballs in a cooler

Next, I kept one paintball bag in a cooler ( 60°F – 68°F) for about 20 minutes. Then I removed the bag and immediately loaded my paintball marker.


Before I kept inside the paintballs where little oily and sticky, but after 20 minutes it was perfect for shooting. The ball was at the right condition to shoot and it breaks as normal.


In hot whether storing paintballs in a cooler before a game will help to get the best out of it. It will neither damage the balls nor change the breaking point of it.

Storing paintballs in room temperature

From the day I purchased until the day I used them, I left the entire bag in my room. The experiment was conducted in summer and thus the room temperature was a little higher than 75° F.


Since it was summer, I felt the balls were more oily or sticky. Similarly, the balls were easily breaking while firing which made difficult to shoot at the target.


Paintballs are designed to work normally in hot and cold temperature, but the extreme condition of both kinds of weather may have a minor impact on ball performance.

Do’s and Don’ts of storing paintballs

Most of the paintball bags come with instruction provided at the back of it which makes it easy to handle them. Additionally, the below tips will help you to store them without any issue.


  • You can store paintballs in a cooler (not frozen)
  • If you are storing a paintball bag in cooler for a long time, then change the bag position regularly.
  • If possible carry a cooler to your playfield (Many professional teams do it)


  • Never store in freezing temperature
  • Avoid storing in cooler for more than 20 minutes.
  • Taking cold bags and traveling for a long time to field is of no use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are paintballs good for?

Paintballs do not have an expiry date, but most of them are good for 3 to 4 months when stored in room temperature. In some condition storing for long may leave out the oily surface in low-end products.

Can paintballs be frozen?

Storing paintballs in frozen consition will not do much good for the balls. Frozen balls may become brittle and deforms.

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