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Can you Wash Paintball Clothes with Other Clothes

Are you worried about washing your paintball clothes with other clothes will ruin them? Don’t worry this post will discuss in detail on this provide you a clear idea on this. It’s common that the dress which you use while playing paintball getting dirty with the stains.

The answer is – Yes, you can wash your paintball clothes with other clothes if you have pre-treated them. Paintball stains are not paints but are water soluble dyes. It will not ruin your washing machine too, However, avoid mixing light color clothes with paintball clothes.

Washing paintball clothes with hand or washing machine

Even though the one-word answer to your question is Yes, there a few things which you should keep in mind while washing your paintball clothes.

This post walks you through how to wash paintball clothes using a washing machine, how to pretreat them and how to dry. Remember not to put your paintball clothes in the dryer, it will ruin them.

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What is Paintballs made off?

Paintballs, the ammunition used in the marker, are spherical gelatin capsules containing primarily polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye


Thus paintballs are not real paints, they are similar to dye which is similar to colors used for dying our clothes. Paintballs stains do not stick to your clothes in the way paints do. It is water soluble and made from non-toxic substances.

What makes Paintball stains to stick to your clothes

In normal case, paintballs are not designed to be stick to your clothes in any condition. Which means it will wash away with the water when it hit your clothes. But it will stain for a few conditions.

  • Use of low-end paintballs
  • Your opponent using very old Paintballs.
  • Your opponent paintballs have oily outer covers.
  • The opponent has stored his paintballs in war condition
  • You get a very close hit by opponents marker.

90% of the paintball stains happen in any of the above-mentioned situations.

Low-end paintballs are made from poor quality materials which can easily stick to your clothes and makes it difficult to remove. Similarly, most of the paintballs are good to use with one to two months of purchase. As it gets old it becomes more oily and not good for the game.

In order to smoothen the movement of paintball inside a barrel, few paintballs come with an oily outer layer. This is most common among the low-end products. Whereas high-end paintballs come with a powdered surface.

These oily surfaces keep the dye inside the ball to stick to your clothes when broken. Hence, we cannot expect our opponent to use good quality paintballs, removing the stains with less effort is what we can do.

Before you mix your paintballs clothes with others or put them in the washing machine, always pretreat them for safer side.

What is Pretreat

Pretreat is also known as pre-wash which means cleaning clothes with just normal water or high-pressure water source. This will remove the stains away from your clothes to an extent.

Many modern washing machines come with a pre-wash option which will fill with water, agitate and spin. In this way, you can remove any hard stains if it has.

I mostly use a high-pressure water source or a bucket of water to pretreat and never mix it with light color clothes.

How to avoid Paintball stains in the Washing machine

Washing machines are designed to wash away real paints from your clothes. Thus cleaning paintballs stains which are similar to dye is an easy task for your machine. In most of the case, the stains will not retain in your machines.

In the case of low-end paintballs, some stains may stay back in your machine. Thus follow the below steps in such case.

  • Fill your washing machine with normal water and leave it for spring for a minimum of 5 mins.
  • Flesh the water out
  • Use a kitchen tissue and rub the inside wall of your machine with it.
  • Once you clean the entire inner wall, then take a new kitchen tissue and rub it again.
  • If the tissue paper does not contain any colors, then your machine is completely free from stains.

Additional Tips

  • Always wash or pretreat your paintball clothes within 24 hours of your previous game.
  • Do not mix it with white color clothes
  • Avoid using any fabric softeners
  • Always leave it outside for air dry.
  • Never dry it using a washing machine dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Paintball paint washabale?

Yes, paintballs paints are washable. Paintballs made from nontoxic organic dyes which dissolve in water easily.

Do Paintballs stain houses?

Paintballs stains can be easily washed away from the house wall. As paintball stains get older, it will be more difficult to wash them off.

Do Paintballs wash off cars?

Yes, paintball stains can be easily washed off from cars. Since paintballs are colored dyes, it has leat risk to damage your car color with it.

Do your shoes get dirty in Paintball

Yes, similar to your clothes, shoes can also get dirty with paintball stains. But those stains can be washed away with a water wash. Avoid using light color shoes while playing paintball.

Final Verdict

As we discussed in this we can wash our paintball clothes with other clothes if they are pre-treated. Paintballs are made from water-soluble dyes which are not toxic too. Similarly paints stains will never ruin your washing machines.

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