How to play Paintball Game Safely

How fast can you shoot a paintball gun

How fast can you shoot a paintball gun? While playing you might have noticed the paintballs traveling as fast as a bullet. Even though it travels as fast as a bullet I just had a curiosity to know what is the exact speed in which a Paintball travels. Speed of a paintball marker is measured using FPS which stands for foot per second. Since most of the paintball markers are short range one we measure the paintball speed in feet. I did some online research and got an answer to your question.

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How fast a paintball gun can shoot ?

Generally, to avoid the players getting hurt while playing paintball, a standard paintball gun can shoot between 240 to 280 FPS. This speed is between a range of 163 to 1 90 mph. In addition to that, this speed will help the ball from breaking while hitting at target and at the same time it will not hurt the player much.

How do a paintball gun shoot?

A paintball gun is designed in such a way that paintball will fall out of the hopper and which will end up inside the barrel. When you trigger a  paintball gun a compressed gas is released into the paintball guns barrel. Due to high pressure inside the barrel, the compressed air had a tendency to flush out of the barrel. Paintball which fit perfectly to the barrel size block the air from going out. Resulting in paintball to be fired out from the other end by the compressed gas.

How hard is a Paintball hit?

The simplest answer for this question is “it completely depends on where you got the shot and how far are from the paintball shooter”. Which means if the ball breaks immediately on hitting you then it will not hurt you much. In another case, if the ball bounces away from you after hitting, then a chance for pain is high. When a paintball bounces away, the kinetic energy which gained throughout its motion completely transferred to your body or the place where it is hit. Most of the time when you get in a hit you will feel like a bit strange feeling. How long the pain continues depends on the way you got hit. In the worst case, a paintball hit mark or pain can stay up to two to three days.

How to protect yourself from a Paintball hit?

Prevention is always better than cure, thus protecting your self while playing paintball game is the best way. You can use a protective west to avoid any hit on your body. In addition to that, you should always cover your face with the help of a paintball mask or goggle. Similarly, never remove your protective gears in any circumstances. If you come across a situation where you need to remove your gears, then always call yourself out.  Check out this post to know more in detail on how to play paintball safely.

How to avoid direct hit during a Paintball

During the game, try not to be very close to your opponent so that you can avoid the chance of getting a direct hit.


Thus a standard paintball gun can shoot between 240 to 280 FPS. Which is between a range of 163 to 190 mph.

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