How to Bunker an Opponent in Paintball

How to Bunker an Opponent in Paintball

Are you looking for some strategies to learn how to bunker an opponent in paintball? Bunkering is one of the important paintball strategies to win a game. When a paintball player run up to an opponent bunker and shoot the opponent team member from behind, it is called bunkering.

Bunkering is a wonderful way to clear the opponent team and lead your team to win. At the same time, it has a high risk of you to exit the game if your strategy did not work. Thus, you should wisely decide when to take a bunkering move. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the circumstances in which you can do bunkering.

Before we discuss how to bunker an opponent team, we discuss when to take a bunkering move.

Assess the situation

First and foremost import thing is you need to do bunker only when it is needed. Check whether any of the below condition is applicable in your case before you plan for bunkering.

How to Bunker an Opponent in Paintball

  • More than 3 members are there in the opposite team
  • Your team has fewer members

  • Running on low paint or gas

  • An opponent is numbing in a bunker

Let us discuss each condition in details to know more about them.

More than 3 members are in your team

In case your opposite team still has 3 players, then there is a high chance that you will shot before you reach the opponent’s bunker. Thus, it is always safe to go for bunkering when your opponent team strength is less than 3.

How to Bunker an Opponent in Paintball

Your team has fewer members

In case your team has a fewer number of players ie below 2, then it always a risk to go ahead for bunkering at this case. It may increase your teams chance of losing. Thus be patient and play for a different strategy in such case.

How to Bunker an Opponent in Paintball

Running on low paint or gas

Sometimes, you may reach a situation where you are about to run out of paint or gas. In this case, to save your team from losing you may risk yourself by bunkering. Sometimes, bunkering at this point may help you to shoot down a few opponents before you completely ran out of paint or gas.

An opponent is numbing in a bunker

If you found any of the opponent team players is numbing in a bunker and you are wasting your ammo at him. In such a case, you may go for bunkering and save your ammo. You may face this kind of irritating opponents in your game. Your quick and apt decision will help for an easy win.


Thus keep the above conditions in your mind and compare your situation with it before you go for bunkering.

Next step is very important because just going for bunkering is not enough but you must shoot down at least one opponent. Now that you have decided to go for bunkering or not, let us discuss how to bunker an opponent in paintball.

Its time to Bunker

Now that you have analyzed the situation and decided to bunker the opposite team, then convey this message to the rest of your team. Conveying this message verbally will spoil your move as the other team might hear it. If they know that you are coming, then they will be prepared. You need to the element of surprise to win while you do bunkering.

Communicate with your paintball mates

You may use hand signals to convey your messages to the rest of the team members. In addition, convey which bunker you are going to shoot down. This will help your teammates to aim more at that specific bunker provide support for you.

Make sure your teammates hold with suppressive fire on the bunker in which you are aiming. Once your team starts firing, go faster and reach near the opposite bunker. Rememeber not to shout or make any noise until you shoot the opponent down.

How to Bunker an Opponent in Paintball

Shooting down one from its bunker itself will psychologically affect the opposite team confidence. Breaking the confidence of your opponent is the best way to win a game.

You may fail to bunker in the initial times, but you will learn each time you fail. Learn from your failures and bunker your opponent with continuous practice.

What to do when the opposite team is in your bunker?

There are always two sides for a coin. Likewise, the opposite team can also reach your bunker. Once you face such situation follow the below tips.

  • Don’t be panic
  • Always watch your surrounding.
  • When your opposite team member does a suppressive fire at your bunker, alter your team about the chance bunkering.
  • If you find it difficult to resist the opponent firing, try to run away from the bunker in a zigzag way.
  • It is always difficult to aim for a person who is moving in a zigzag way.
  • Try to reach the nearest bunker or hiding place as soon as possible.
  • Never lose hope you, try till the end.


There are many tactics in Paintball games which you should try at least once to enjoy the real game. Among them bunkering the opponent team is an aggressive mode. Always analyze your situation with respect to the points and tips mentioned in this post to decide your move. If you like this article, you may also like my other articles on Paintball Masks that don’t fogPaintball Masks with Fans built inBest Paintball Barrels for AccuracyElectric hoppers for paintball gunsHomemade paintball guns ,

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