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How to get into paintballing

How to get into Paintballing: Paintball is a competitive and addictive shooting game which first played in 1981. Over the years there are many changes and advancement happen to a paintball game. However, the basic game remains the same and you can adopt any mode and level of play as you wish.

You can start playing paintball if you are aware of the below there important sections.

  1. Choosing the right paintball gear
  2. Learning the skills
  3. Playing the game

If you get a clear idea about the above three points, then you are all set for the game. Don’t worry this post will give a clear picture of all the three sections.

How to get into Paintballing

1. Choosing the right gear

There are a few fundamental gears which every basic paintball games will need.

  • Paintball Gun
  • Propulsion Tank
  • Safety gears
  • Goggles or Mask
  • Paintballs
  • Other goodies

Let’s discuss in detail how these gears are important for a paintball game.

Paintball Gun

Paintball guns are also known as a marker which the equipment which we use to fire the paintball at your opponent. There are different varies of paintball guns available in the market such as

  • Paintball Pistol
  • Paintball Sniper

Initially, the game started with Mechanical paintball guns. Now in order to improve the accuracy, there are Electric paintball guns. There are a few difference between mechanical and electric guns. However, both are widely used for the game.

How to get into paintballing
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Propulsion Tank

Propulsion tank is a paintball gear which is used for producing the power to propel the ball outside the gun.  CO2 and Nitrogen/HPA tanks are the most widely used one. CO2 is the vintage model which is still widely used. Nitrogen/HPA tanks use highly compressed gas between 3500 psi to 4000 for propulsion. Depending on your mode of play you can choose one among them. If you want to know more, then I have a post written on the difference between CO2 & HPA tanks.

How to get into paintballing
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Safety gear

Every game has its own fun and danger, similarly Paintball game too. In this game, players shoot each with softball. Even though the paintballs are soft, there are still chances to get hurt. Thus, it is always advisable to use appropriate safety gears while playing. Some of the commonly used safety gear are

  • Elbow and Knee pads
  • Long shirts and pants
  • Mask or goggle
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
How to get into paintballing
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A mask or goggle will protect your face and eyes from getting hit by a paintball. Since paintball is nontoxic chemicals, there are chances of your eyes get itching when in contact with the paintball. Thus it is always safe to wear a google / mask while playing. Paintball mask may warry from some basic model to advanced ones with inbuilt fans and anti-fog property in it.

How to get into paintballing
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Once you are fully equipped with the paintball gears, you will need paintballs to fire your opponents. You can purchase paintballs in huge quantity which is more cheaper than a smaller quantity.

A well-made paintball is always preferred over cheap ones. Cheap ones will always lack accuracy and more fly. Also in some cases, it will even melt inside the marker.

How to get into paintballing
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Other gears

Most of the people who play paintball are playing as a hobby. In addition to the above list, there are many other gears which players use nowadays. Few of them are paintball mines, barrels, barrel bags, tank covers, etc.

2. Learning the skills

Learn how to use the paintball gun

Take some extra time to understand the basic functioning of your paintball gun. This will avoid confusion in the middle of the game.

Improve  aiming

Once you get used to your marker, then the important skill needed for this game is your accuracy. Improve your aiming ability by trying to hit a pole or objects without hurting any animals or humans.

How to get into paintballing
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Practice reloading

Reloading in the middle of the game can spoil the momentum of games. Practice well on how to reload your ammo without taking much time. This will help you to reload your ammo like a pro during the game.

Practice Reloding
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Practice running and shooting

Shooting while you are not moving is far easier than while moving. But of the time you may be running and shooting during the game. Thus you need to practice running and shooting.

Running and shooting
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Ask questions to experienced players

Learning from faults is the best way to improve your skills. Senior players would have faced similar faults during his beginning. Asking questions or learning from a senior player will save your time and improve skill.

How to start playing Paintball
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3. Playing Paintball

Be confident

Once you are ready with your paintball gears and skill, then be confident and move ahead for the game. Every game will teach you new things, so don’t be worried about failures.

Find a place to play

Discuss with your friends or search online to find the best and nearest paintball field near you. Visit the field and understand the different mode of play available there.

How to find apintball ground
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Play smart

Play smart by listening to your surroundings,  shoot smart and accurate,  and bunker down whenever it is needed.

Play smart
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Communicate with your team

Communication between your co-players is very important. Discuss the game plan ahead of the game with your teammates. Practice using had signals to improve coordination among your team.

Paintball Hand signals
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This post discussed in details on how to get into paintballing. Understand every point discussed in the post and practice while playing. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share it with us via the comment box.

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