How to make a Paintball Pod pack

How to make a Paintball Pod Holder: 8 steps (with pictures)

Well, you know that paintball pod holder is very important for a Paintball player. I always like to cut down my cost of playing some way. So I was thinking like why don’t I make a Paintball pod holder by myself. So I started collecting some data from online resources and forums to know how can I make a paintball pod holder myself.

There are multiple methods were in which I can make it. I found many of them were time-consuming. Among them, one which I really liked is what I am going to share with your guys today. I describe all the steps required in detail during this post. For your knowledge, I tried this by myself and it is really working well for me.

How to make a Paintball Pod Holder

It is not a tedious process, you just need a few inches of elastic and Velcro. Yes, you heard it right, just with an elastic and velcro you can save a lot of money. I know you might be a little thrilled to know how you can make a pot holder just using only these two things. Don’t worry I will walk you through the entire process in this article.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

A quick quide to make Paintball Pod holder

  1. Get an Elastic

    As a first step try to get some elastic which is about 5 inches wide

  2. Stretch it around your waste

    Stretch the elastic around the waist until it reaches a snug fit

  3. Cut the excess elastic

    Use a sissor and cut the excee elastic

  4. Glue a Velcro

    Attach a velcro to the end of the elastic

  5. Sew elastic rings

    Make few eleastic rings to make pod holders

  6. Mark pod holder position

    Mark the places where you need to place the pod holder

  7. Attach the rings on the elastic

    Attach the rings which you made in the previous step to the elastic

  8. Final step

    Test your holder

Detailed steps on how to make a Paintball Pod holder

Get an Elastic

As a first step try to get some elastic which is about 5 inches wide. Make sure that it can wrap around your waist. I believe 3 feet long elastic will be sufficient for an average person and just for your information it completely depends on the size of your waist. If you have elastic at your home try to use that, if not you can visit a local shop and get some elastic. It is very cheap to get and you don’t have to go to the costlier one.

How to make a Paintball Pod Holder

Stretch it around your waste

You may now stretch the elastic around the waist until it reaches a snug fit for you. You can stretch it in a way that you feel comfortable while playing. So don’t always go for a tight fit. Make sure that it is comfortable around your waist.

How to make a Paintball Pod Holder

Cut the excess elastic

Then cut off the excess elastic using a scissor and keep the excess one with you. You will need for the next step. Before you cut the piece out, make sure you are cutting at the right length.

How to make a Paintball Pod pack

Glue a Velcro

Now remove the elastic which is placed around your waist. Paste a velcro hook on one end of the elastic and loop at another end. Just test it if it comfortable for you by placing it around your waist again.

Sew elastic rings

If you have any paintball pods at your home just try to make a loop with remaining elastic.Used that diameter and make some multiple rings which can hold one each paintball pod.

Mark pod holder position

Now keep the elastic around the waist and try to get some markings on the elastic with the help of a marker. You will stitch the pod holders at these marks. Thus, make sure that you mark the pinball board position as below your left-hand or below your right hand depending on your convenience. This is where we are going to keep you keep our pods.

How to make a Paintball Pod pack

Attach the rings on the elastic

Now stitch the loops which you already made to the points which you have marked on the elastic. Stich it properly so that the rings are not tilted. We can also test whether the rings are working properly by keeping some pods inside it and see whether it is perfect for the board or not.

Test your pod holder

We have completed the making process. You can now hold it over your waste and see whether it is fitting properly for you if not so you just need to alter the elastic. If it’s fine, then you are all set to go for the game.

How to make a Paintball Pod Holder

The main advantage of this homemade product is that you can always add more pod holders as you need. Depending on my game strategy, I usually change the number of paintball pods I carry.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying paintball pod holder, instead of that you can make one at your home. It is an easy method, consume very little time. I believe this article helped you by saving some money. Please share your suggestion via comment. If you like this post you may like my other posts on How to Bunker an Opponent in  PaintballHow to build a Paintball CourseHow to get into paintballing

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