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How to play Paintball Game Safely

Safety should be our primary concern while playing a game. It is the same in case of  Paintball too. In this post, we will discuss on how to play paintball game safely.

You might be thinking, since we are using soft guns there is no risk in this game. It is not true, most modern paintball guns have a fire at very high speed. High-speed paintball will hurt can hurt you.

Anyway, game, when played with all its required safety measures, is best. If you are a new Paintball game, don’t worry you can also continue reading this post. I have a few other posts such as How to Select a Paintball Gun, How to get into paintballing, Homemade paintball guns written to help beginners under the game.

Steps on How to Play Paintball Game Safely

Use safety gears all the time

Satey gears are those paintball gears which players use to protect themselves from any kind of external impacts on their body. Few of them are paintball mask/goggles, glows,  barrel sleeve, etc. Whether its a serious or fun game, always makes sure you use the safety gears. In case, you found any of your safety gears not working properly always feel free quit the game. For example, if your paintball mask or goggle fog up in the mid of the game.  Call yourself out and use ref to escort you to the dead box. Removing the mask and cleaning on the mid of the game is highly risky.

How to play paintball game safely

Play at Authoritive Courses

It is always safer to play at Paintball fields which has proper rules and refs. Even there are rules mentioned in some of the certified fields, though they may not abide by them. Thus, always choose a good and safe paintball course.

Never try to shoot at Birds or Animals

Paintballs are softballs, but they can hurt animals or birds. In case if any birds or animals cover your aim, please be patient for a while. Never shoot at them for clearing your aim. Always play paintball in fields where entry of animals are restricted.

How to play Paintball Game Safely

Watch your surrounding

A paintball ground or arena will have different geography, always watch naturals hazards. Watch cliffs, tree roots, skidding soil, etc for your safety.

How to play Paintball Safely

Check for re-inspection date of your gears

Always make sure to check whether all your gears are good to use before every game. HPA/Co2 tanks always come with a re-inspection date. Thus, it is important to check them ahead of all games to avoid accidents.

How to play Paintball Safely

Safeguard your face

Yes, paintballs are very soft, but they can also hurt you. Wearing goggle will help to avoid your eyes from any air release or paint reactions. Similarly covering your face with a mask can avoid any tooth bleeding by paintball hit.

How to play Paintball Game Safely

Use Jockstrap

Using jockstrap will always help prevent pains in male during the game.

How to play Paintball Game Safely

Use Barrel plug/ bags

Whether you are a beginner or expert player, always use barrel bags/plugs. Barrel bags will stop paintballs being fired out from a marker. Accidental triggering can happen to any players, barrel plugs will safeguard in such cases.

How to play Paintball Safely

Play with sportsman spirit

Always take a game as a game instead of using hurting each other. There may be a chance your opponent does not leave cover even if you have hit him. In such a case, always ask them to leave and avoid firing multiple times.

Avoid shooting so close

Getting hit by a paintball which is shot at a short distance will be always painful. It is always better to avoid shooting at a short distance. Give a chance for your opponent to surrender instead of firing at him very close.

How to play Paintball Game Safely

Know your gears

Always be in sync with your paintball gears. Know how it works and understands all its user manual. Understand in and out about gear will improve your safety and confusion during a game.

Use only paintballs

Make sure you always abide by game rules, avoid using any balls other than paintballs.

How to play Paintball Game Safely

Practice running and shoot before games

There is a chance where you may need to run and shoot at the same time. It is advisable to practice shooting while running ahead of your games. This will avoid accidents due to falling off while running.

Additional tips

  • Never play paintball when you are angry.
  • Don’t be panic while playing.
  • Dedicate your some to serve as paintball ref, this helps to know more about safety.


To summarize, following the above points will always ensure your safety. If you have any additional points to be added for how to play paintball game safely then feel free to post it via comments.

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