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How to Select a Paintball Gun

How to select a paintball gun? Paintball is a game which was started by mid of the 1880s and is one of the most popular recreational game. One of the important and must neede gadget for this game is a Paintball Gun. Paintball guns are also known as markers. Some other important gadgets for paintball game are Barrels, Mask, HPA tanks, etc

There are a variety of markers available in the market, and some times it is difficult to find the right place to choose one. Similarly, depending on the mode of the game and your expertise you might to choose different markers. For example, a marker which is suitable for a beginner might not be a good choice for an expert player.  There are few things which you should consider while picking a paintball gun.

  • Compare price
  • Mechanism of the gun
  • Customizable or not
  • Good user rating
  • How to buy

The above points will help you to choose the best one which suits your need. While entering the discussion on how to choose a marker, its a two-step process. Don’t worry, this post will ease your job. If you are interested in making one at home, then you can try reading one of my post on this. Homemade paintball guns

How to Select a Paintball gun?

As I said in the previous paragraph, will split the selection process into two different topics such as

  • Beginning your search
  • Deciding the best one

Beginning your search

Search Online:

If you are new to paintball game, then you might probably find it too difficult to understand the different types of markers available. In that case, Google is the best option available for you. Open a google search tab and looking for ” Paintball Guns”. This will provide you some results with an explanation on different types of guns available in the market.

Step 1 How to choose paintball gun

You might see multiple brands and models on the internet, but it is not worth testing every one of them and choose. Thus depending on your level of game or interest, you can narrow your search. For example, if you are a beginner to Paintball game, try searching like ” Best Paintball Gun for beginners“.

Step 2-How to select a paintball gun

Similarly, you can find the nearest shop where you purchase one marker. Amazon and eBay have a lot of varieties of paintball accessories to purchase. It is always best to read reviews and rating of every gear before you choose them. Always look for the maker and the warranty if they provide. This helps keep your investment is the safer side.

Check with a senior or professional player

Getting an opinion or suggestion from an experienced one is always advisable. Whatever online searches we do, double checking a product with an experienced one is always a good choice. Try to make some network with paintball professionals. If you do not know anyone in person, then you can try out some forums or facebook group.

How to start playing Paintball

Never check with any paintball gear selling the shop, because they might misguide you. Checking with paintball field where they rent gears but don’t sell them is another best choice.

Setting a budget for your Paintball gears

There are wide varieties of paintball guns with price ranging from $35 to $1500 in the market. On average, a good paintball will cost around $ 200, hence setting a budget limit for your marker will narrow down your options. Then selecting one among them will be an easy and wisest one. Similarly, you will need to set some budget and find other mandatory gears for paintball.

Setting budget- How to select a paintball gun

Deciding the best one

Now that you have a clear view of what you need, next is choose your marker as per your level of play.

Mechanical Gun or Electronic Gun

There are two different types of paintball guns available.

  • Mechanical Gun
  • Electronic Gun

Choose Mechanical or Electric Paintball Gun

Mechanical Gun: If you are preparing for casual games and has budget constraints, then mechanical guns will meet your needs. As its name represents, it doesn’t require any power supply for working. Additionally, the maintenance cost is comparatively very less to electronic guns. It is best for rough games where you have a chance of getting muddy and wet. On the other hand, they have some limitation on reloading, firing, and accuracy.

Mechanical guns

Electronic Gun: If you fall into a competitive player side, then it is always better to consider buying electronic guns. Electronic paintball guns are modern versions of the mechanical one. It has high fire rates, semi-automatic, improved power, etc. It uses a battery to power up to work. Consequently, it has less durability and a higher cost of maintenance.


Customization Options

Most of the paintball markers provide customization options to make it more versatile. Many of the high-end models do have the options to change hopper and barrels. Thus you can upgrade your gun as per your need in a later stage. Instead of upgrading your gun, it is always best to upgrade its parts as needed.

Paintball Customization

Test your comfortability

This is an important step while choosing a paintball gun. How comfortable you are with a paintball gun is very important. It plays a vital role in your game plan. Buying a gun with all best functionalities, but not comfortable to use means its waste of money. If you purchase online, always order one which has return option available. In this way, you can save your money if you don’t like a product. While buying from a physical store always try holding it before purchase.

How to select a paintball gun

Find the cheapest seller

The price for paintball markers vary between sellers, they always compare the price once you have chosen a specific model. Rememeber not to go for sellers who less for a minimal lower price without providing return options.

How to select a paintball gun


To summarise, choosing the best paintball marker for you is easy if you follow the above steps. I believe my post on how to select a paintball gun will ease your selection process.

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