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29 Insanely Useful Information for Paintball Players

When I started playing paintball years back, I had many questions in my mind regarding paintball and games. During that time, it was difficult for me to find a single source which provides answers to all my doubts.

Thus over a period of time, I got answers to any questions which I had in my mind through the games the played. To be frank, there are many questions for which I could not find an answer from my experience.

I know, as a beginner to this game you may be going through the same situation of mine. Similarly, I know how hard and time consuming it is to find answers for your question regarding paintball. Thus, I decided to write an article answering some common questions which you might have.

I usually answer questions in the form of an article, but since I am answering multiple questions in a single post I am trying a new form. I am taking each question and providing a straight answer to it. I believe doing this way, you can skim through the question which you had in your mind and save your time.

How to play paintball game safely

While preparing for this post, I checked with some beginners and gathered some unanswered question from online forums and comments. I have tried to cover all topics related to paintball in this post. If you have any question which is not covered this post, please feel free to share it via comment.

Disclaimer: None of these answers mentioned in this post reflect my personal view. All the results are concluded with references from different online resources and experts.

Can paintball co2 tanks explode?

Yes, a Paintball Co2 tank can explode in some conditions.Co2 is a cold gas and there is a chance for it to explode from a tank if the pressure inside is high. Similarly, there is a high risk for explosion while filling a CO2 tank, hence you must seek the help of professionals to refill.

Can paintball guns shoot rubber balls ?

Yes, you can shoot rubber balls using a paintball gun. Rubber balls are the latest non-lethal training bullets available in the market. Rubber balls are commonly used by military or law enforcement for training purposes. Rubber balls are reusable, this is cheaper than real paintballs.

Can paintball paint be washed off ?

Yes, paintball paint stains can be washed off with normal water wash. Paintballs are made from water-soluble, non-toxic and biodegradable substances. However, if you leave the paintball stain unwashed for a long time, it may leave some light color stains back. Thus, for the safer side, it is always better to wash your clothes on the same day of your game.

Can paintball masks be used for airsoft ?

Yes, you can use paintball masks for playing airsoft. All genuine paintball masks/goggle with ISO rating can withstand an airsoft FPS. As long as BB’s are fired within the legal FPS range, you can use paintball mask for airsoft.

Can paintball guns break windows ?

Yes, paintball guns can fire paintballs at a speed which can break typical window glass. A normal paintball gun can shoot up to 300 FPS, which is enough to break a typical glass. However, the distance at which the paintball is fired will also matter whether it can break a window or not. A paintball loses its kinetic energy as it travels, thus a window hit by a far gunshot may not break it.

Can paintball guns shoot pepper balls

Yes, paintball guns can shoot pepper balls ( which is made from chili-pepper). Pepper balls are sold only to law enforcement and police for their training purposes.

Can paintball cause concussion ?

A paintball can cause brain damage or concussion unless you have a condition which makes you head suspectable to any injury. Always consult with a physician, if you are facing any concussion symptoms. Mak sure you always use paintball helmets to protect any brain injury during the game.

Can paintball cause blood clots ?

A hard hit or bruises can cause blood clots. Some times a hard paintball hit may break blood vessel and blood gets misplaced within the tissue. If you got any hard hit or bruise, keep calm and apply ice or cold application for first 24 hours. Then gently massage the area with some warm clothes and monitor the bruise. If it still remains, then please consult with your physician.

Can a paintball break a car window ?

No, a standard paintball cannot break a car window. Paintball guns can fire maximum at a range of 300 Fps, which a car window is capable to resist.

Can a paintball break a bone ?

It completely depends on the circumstances. If you are wearing all safety gear, then you are completely free from a bone break by a paintball. At the same time, there are cases in which paintballs resulted in bone breaks in sensitive areas like face, neck, hands, etc. Never shoot any of your opponent on point-blank position to avoid any such situation.

Can a paintball dent a car ?

Yes, there are possibilities for a paintball hit can dent a car. It completely depends on how far away you are, what paintball gun you use and your car body strength.

Can a paintball break a GoPro ?

As long as you are using waterproof housing for your GoPro it is safe from breakage. But remember, if you are not using a protecting shield for your GoPro, then it may break for high Fps hits.

Can you paintball anywhere

If you are asking about a public place, then the answer is no. Paintball is dangerous when played without any safety gears, thus playing at a public place can injure other people. Always check with police for permission to play in public places in any circumstances

Can you paintball with a heart condition ?

Always check with your cardiologist on this because there are situations where you get hard hit resulting in blood clotting and bruises. Thus check with your doctor before you go for playing.

Can paintball be dangerous ?

Yes, paintballs can be dangerous if played without any safety gears. Always use safety gears which are good quality and has an ISO rating.

Can a paintball gun be used for self defense ?

No, paintball gun cannot be used for non-lethal self-defense. In a nutshell, it is not a good option for self or home defense. I must drag your attention to a point that it needs some necessary items to operate such hopper, compressed air, etc. Assembling these parts and firing it immediately is difficult unless you have everything set for it. Thus, you cannot depend on a paintball gun for your security.

Can Paintball guns be shipped ?

Yes, Paintball guns can be shipped all over the USA without any restrictions. There is no law which stops a person from shipping a paintball gun as it is not a firearm. Make sure you mention that you are sending a paintball gun if a courier service asks to mention what is there inside.

Can you refill paintball co2 tank ?

Yes, you can refill a paintball co2 tank if needed. You can refill a co2 tank only when it is completely empty. Always use a professional refiller to refill your co2 tank for your safety.

Can you do paintball while pregnant ?

Always consult with your gynecology doctor to check whether you can play paintball or not. Even though paintball is it non-lethal game there are some situations where you can face danger.

Can dog eat paintball ?

No, consuming a paintball by your dog or cat may result in severe poisoning. Paintballs dye, galactin, etc which can cause toxicity to your dog or cat. It is always safe to check with your veterinarian in case if you doubt your dog has consumed a paintball.

Can you rent paintball equipment

Yes, you can rent paintball equipment if needed. Many paintball fields where you can pay for playing rent almost all the paintball equipment. If you are not a regular paintball player renting a piece of equipment will be more economical for you.

Can paintball tanks expire ?

Yes, every paintball tank comes with an expiry date which is provided on the back of it. Always check your tank expire date before you prepare for a game. Expired tanks can have damage or lead to an explosion.

Can felons own paintball guns ?

It depends on how your state classifies a paintball gun as a firearm or not. Federal law restricts a felon from possessing firearms. Make sure you consult a local counsel for more information.

Can I fill paintball tanks ?

No, never refill a paintball tank by yourself if you are not a professional or certified person to do it. Since paintball tanks use highly compressed gas, there is a high risk of explosion if not handled with care.

Can paintball guns use nitrogen ?

Yes, most modern paintball HPA tanks use nitrogen which is lightweight and resistant to outside temperature difference. Nitrogen tanks provide more force than Co2 tanks. Nitrogen is expensive than other gases, thus it is mixed along with other gases and used for the game.

Can a paintball gun hurt a dog ?

Yes, it can hurt a dog or other animals. Paintballs are fired at a typical speed of 290 Fps or lesser which is enough to hurt animals. Never use your paintball gun at animals or birds.

Can you buy paintball guns online ?

Yes, you can buy paintball guns and their accessories online. Many online websites sell paintball guns and its gears.

Can you paintball in your backyard ?

Yes, you can play paintball in your backyard if you have enough space for it. Make sure you never hurt any person or birds or animals while playing in your backyard. It is always safe to play in an isolated area.

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