Paintball Masks that dont fog

Paintball Masks that dont fog

Are you looking for paintball masks that don’t fog? One of the most frustrating moment, every Paintball players face during a game is the time when the mask fog up. It happened almost every time I play and needless to stay it spoil the momentum of the game.

Why you should Prefer Paintball Masks that Don’t fog?

Most of the cases, it does not have a major impact on your game but some times it may affect your safety and performance. In the worst situation, you may end up on stage that you cannot see anything and quit the game for a while. I know it is not so easy as we say when we are really into the game. In order to avoid this, you should always choose paintball masks that don’t fog.

What causes the paintball mask to fog up in the middle of a game?

Paintball Masks that dont fog

To better explain you, I will use the situation where your car window gets fog up during rain. During rain, the temperature outside your car drops. The water vapors inside your car condense due to temperature difference inside and outside. As more humid air inside the car gets in contact with the window, moisture increases inside and result in fog.

Similarly, the air we breathe out has high humidity. The air outside the mask would be higher than inside. This results in moisture inside your mask and finally result in fog. The main reason for this is lack of air circulation inside your mask. Many paintball masks lack this property and result in fog.

How to avoid fog during the Paintball Game

The best way to avoid fog is by choosing paintball masks that have proper air circulation option. I know this is not possible for everyone as you might have already bought a new paintball mask in the recently. In that, you could try using Anti-fog spray, which is the only solution if you already own a mask. The best option is always to buy one mask which doesn’t fog in any condition.If you are interested, you can also try reading my post on Paintball masks with fan built in it

Does a little Paintball mask fog really a big deal?

Some of you might be thinking ” does a little fog really a big deal”, yes it is. If you are serious about winning a game, then you should do all your best so that all the circumstances around you help for the win. In such a case, fog is a hindrance for the flow of the game.

I created a list of paintball masks that dont fog that you can trust and use.

HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask / Goggles

An innovative product from HK Army which comes with a customization option. You can customize the goggles as per your wish without changing the entire the piece itself. This helps to save your pocket and customize your aesthetic desires. This is one of the best Anti-fog maks in the market thus the top in our list. If you don’t have any price restrictions, then are surely go for this product without a second thought.

Paintball Masks that dont fog

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

This product comes with an anti-fog thermal lens, rapid lens chance option, and tiger teeth retention system. In addition to that, it has a compression formed earpiece and Horizontal peripheral vision.

Paintball Masks that dont fog

Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask – Olive

If you are looking for a less expensive solution for your fog up the issue, then you must try the Invert Helix thermal paintball goggles as it very cheap when compared to the other. It comes in a single color with best anti-fogging technology and decent look.

Paintball Masks that dont fog

Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles/Masks

This product comes with a 100% UV protection Thermal lens which has anti-fogging duel pane lens coating property. One of the main advantages is lightweight and different color options. It provides a minimum airflow and avoids the chance for fog up in any case. You have the following advantages

  • 16 visor options
  • 35 strap options
  • 18 lens options
  • Replacement Foam

Additionally, the product has increase face mask coverage with better voice transmit options.

Paintball Masks that dont fog


Facing fogging issue while playing Paintball is a nightmare for most of the players. Don’t worry, there is always a solution to a problem. Consider buying any of the masks listed in this post to avoid the fog issue. If you like this post, then you will also like my other posts on Best Paintball Barrels for accuracy

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