Why are my paintballs oily

Why are my paintballs oily?

One of my friends who is new to paintball game recently asked me this question ” why are may paintballs oily and are they meant to be so ?”.  Years back, when I started playing the game, even I came across a situation where my paintballs were oily.  I was little hesitant to find the reason behind it instead, I bought a new bag of paintballs. But after this much years when my friend faced the same situation, I was a little curious to know the real reason behind it.

Thus I checked some online resources and consulted with expert paintball players to know the exact reason. Finally, I got a clear answer to paintballs getting oily.

Two main reasons are either your paintball is older ( 3 to 4 months old) or you have stored the paintball in a non-temperature controlled facility. There is a high chance for paintball to sweat more oil out in these situations. Similarly, the quality of paintball also a reason for oily appearance.

Oily paintballs can cause complications while shooting at your target, thus you should take care of it seriously.

From my study, I found that mostly low-end paintballs face the issue of sweating, high-end ones are crisp and dry. High-end one usually has a powdery surface which keeps it safe from sweating in any circumstances.

If you are using a low-end one, don’t worry we still have some ways to overcome this issue. Safety is an important concern for every player. If you are new to paintball, then you may find my article on how to play paintball safely.

Why are my paintballs oily

I found some tips which we should take in case of oily paintballs and shared it with my friend. He tested them and found very useful for him. Thus I decided to pen this article and share those tips with you too.

Before that, I think it would be better if you know “what is paintball made up” to follow this article.

Complications of using oily paintballs

Accuracy: Oily paintballs don’t stop you from continuing your game, but to an extent, it can reduce your accuracy.  Accuracy is very important for a paintball player, thus I have an article written on how to improve the accuracy.

Increase in the oily surface makes the paintball to slipper away while firing from the gun. Thus, the balls can be fired in different directions and you may miss your target.

Dirty: We all hate sticky balls as we have to clean our hands on touching it. Thus, the increase in oil makes us uncomfortable and difficult to handle the gun.

How to avoid paintball from sweating

Few easy methods to use an oily paintball without any risk are

  • Allway keeps paintball at room temperature.
  • Do not keep your paintball bag unopened for a long time( months).
  • If possible purchase paintballs with a dry surface.
  • Avoid purchasing multiple bags at once if you are playing very less. In this way, you get a chance to change the paintball if it has an oily surface. Doing so, you can save some money.

How to clean oily paintballs

If you found your paintballs getting oily and losing your target, drop all your paintballs on a dry cloth. Rub the balls in all direction to remove the excess oil.

Also, you may place the balls open to mild sunlight for a while. This will helps to dry the wet surface of the balls. Make sure not to keep the paintballs in the sunlight for more time as it may lead to over-drying of the surface.

Tips on using oily paintballs

Oily paintballs are not a serious issue, but keep these tips to avoid any complication.

  • Try not to bunker anyone with oily paintballs.
  • Keep paper towels in a bag and carry while you play
  • Try to aim for nearer targets and avoid long shoots

Frequently Asked Questions

What is paintball made up of?

As perĀ Wikipedia, paintballs are spherical capsules containing primarily non-toxic, water soluble and dye. Early paintballs are made from inedible paints and glass. Modern paintball can be easily washed out from cloths and less toxic when compared to early ones.

Why does a paintball sweat ?

Storing the paintball under the non-temperature controlled facility will create low-end paintball to discharge the oil covering of paintballs. High temperature makes the oil to loosen the sticky property and become greasy.

Few paintballs out in the market come with an oily surface to serve as a lubricant. In some case, this helps the paintball to pass easily through a paintball gun barrel with less friction. But, an increase in oily will create complication while shooting.

Another main reason is the use of the low-quality product for paintball manufacturing. Low-end paintballs to reduce the cost usually uses low-quality products which have less life. Storing such paintballs for above two or three months leaves it out to segregate oil.


Oily paintballs can occur due to low-end products or old products which when stored in a non-temperature controlled facility. If you are not happy with using oily paintballs, better purchase paintballs with a dry surface. Always carry a paper towel with you for the game if you are using oily paintballs.

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