7 Best Paintball Places In Houston: Their Pricing, Field Type & More

Best Paintball Places in Houston

Paintball is a trendy sport that allows physical exercise and contact with Mother Nature. This is also an excellent way to bond with friends and loved ones. You can obtain strategy, sportsmanship, and team play skills with each round of competitive gameplay. This sport is rapidly becoming popular today and is practiced by everyone regardless … Read more

11 Best Professional Paintballers & How Much They Make

professional paintball salary

Paintball is quite a common activity amongst teenagers and adults alike. While it is mainly played for entertainment purposes, there are some people that play at a competitive and professional level.  You can imagine how good you have to be to make it at the professional level, but can you wrap your mind around being one … Read more

How To Be Good At Paintball: 10 Tips From Veteran Players

How To Be Good At Paintball

Paintball is a high-adrenaline shooting sport that is exciting to play no matter your skill level. However, it is usually more fun to be a strong player as this will allow you to stay in the match longer and get more hits on target, thus, increasing satisfaction.  Certain factors distinguish a beginner from a seasoned … Read more