How To Build Your Own Paintball Course: Step-By-Step Guide

how to build a paintball field

Are you looking for some ideas and guidance on how to build a paintball course by yourself? Well, this article will cover the fundamental steps on how to build a paintball course. To make your construction more cost-effective, I will make use of everyday yard materials wherever possible. Building a field on your own will … Read more

Why Does Your Paintball Gun Rapid Fire & How To Fix It: Easy Guide

how to fix a paintball gun that rapid fires 1

A common issue among most paintball players is their paintball gun rapid-firing or double-firing. I have seen many paintball-related forums with unanswered threads for this specific question. The main reason is that it is a complicated topic to explain. Basically, a rapid-fire or double-fire issue can happen due to a problem with any one part: … Read more