16 Best Paintball Guns (For Beginner To Pro): Picked By A Paintball Pro

Getting the best paintball gun for your requirements can be complicated. So many paintball guns are on the market now that deciding which suits you might take time.

But whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s a model out there for you, and this guide will highlight the numerous factors of consideration for the various paintball markers.

I’ve played paintball for over ten years and researched the best paintball guns for tens or hundreds of hours to prepare this ultimate guide.

My mission is to save you time, effort and money by ensuring you purchase the perfect paintball gun for your expertise level and personal preferences!

Let’s get started.

Tippmann Cronus


The Tippmann Cronus is a more tactical and realistic-looking model and a fantastic place to start for paintball newcomers. The Cronus is a better version of the tremendous 98 Custom in every aspect.

This intermediate-level rifle can be fitted with a replaceable barrel shield and stock. It has a lot of favorable user reviews and is well-known for its accuracy.

The Cronus’s rail system offers excellent options in terms of attachments, such as red dot sights, lights, and grips. 

The Tippmann Cronus is one of the most excellent solutions for beginner or intermediate players searching for a good quality solid marker that will offer longevity, thanks to its exceptional price point range and general durability. 

Perfect For

The Tippmann Cronus is perfect for a new paintball user looking for an accurate, easy-to-use, and expertly-made gun.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Weight: 9.52 pounds
  • FPS: 300
  • Ball Count: 200
  • Operates on: Either CO2 or HPA
  • Modes: Semi-automatic
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Kingman Spyder Fenix


The Kingman Spyder Fenix is a fast electronic paintball marker that is surprisingly affordable. Its quick and consistent release of paintballs, combined with its durable quality, will help ensure it will last for many years.

This excellent paintball marker features a tactical foregrip that helps improve mobility while ensuring accuracy, making it very comfortable on the hands and suitable for short or mid-range clashes and long-range sniping.

The Fenix’s electronic trigger enables a fast rate of fire, which is propagated through its three modes: Semi-Automatic, Ramp M (aka Ramp Millennium), and Ramp P (aka Ramp PSP).

Spyder Fenix features a break beam eye system, and its anti-chop eyes prevent the gun from firing until the paintball is secure and chambered fully, reducing the risk of ball chop while shooting high rates of fire.

Its top cocking quick strip bolt and tool-free rear plug design allow its owner to perform essential maintenance in a few minutes, even for beginners.

The marker even comes with the tools required to take it apart and provides spare seals and O-rings, which are great for maintenance or the marker’s longevity.

Perfect For

The Kingman Spyder Fenix is a great option if you want to enter the electronic world of paintball.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Balls Per Second: 25 BPS
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • Barrel: 10”
  • Modes: Semi-Automatic & Ramping Fully Automatic
  • Anti-chopping mechanism
  • Eko Valve System shoots up to 1600 shots from the 20oz CO2 Tank

Empire Mini


Empire is a high-end paintball marker manufacturer that constantly produces high-quality gear. The Empire Mini is one of the tiniest paintball guns on the market and lives up to its name.

As a result, it’s exceedingly light and straightforward to maneuver. It’s silent and can fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger, thanks to the electronic trigger technology.

The two-handle design is comfortable, and the pressure gauge on the air connection is a beautiful addition, enabling you to check how much air is left in your tank quickly.

The Empire Mini is an excellent entry-level competition paintball marker ideal for close-quarters indoor play due to its compact size, rapid rate of fire, and overall accuracy.

Perfect For

This weapon is perfect for more seasoned shooters who want a high-end paintball that is easy to use. Owners of this gun will enjoy premium features, like an e-trigger.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.43
  • Modes: Semi-Auto/NPPL
  • Balls Per Second: Max ROF capped at 20 BPS
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes
  • Wrap-around fore grip
  • Venting ASA regulator with on and off lever

Tippmann 98 Custom


It would be an understatement to say that the 98 Custom is one of the most popular paintball markers globally.

Unsurprisingly, these devices are usually on backorder thanks to their excellent price point. It is especially appealing to first-time or new players due to its dependability and simplicity of use.

The Picatinny rail system’s universality enables the attachment of optics such as a red dot sight for reflex-sharp target acquisition.

This Tippmann paintball marker is a tried-and-true workhorse offering CO2 or HPA-powered mechanical action.

Even though this is an entry-level marker, the integrated rail system allows you to upgrade it over time and add the wildly popular flatline barrel for increased range and accuracy. 

Even after upgrading to a high-end rifle, many skilled players keep their 98 custom as a backup, and it’s a terrific way to introduce friends to the sport.

Perfect For

This gun is perfect for beginner paintball fans who are looking for something easy and straightforward, but it’s also ideal for someone looking for a marker that they can modify or upgrade.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Hopper: 200-rounds
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Modes: Semi-automatic 
  • One-year warranty included
  • Matte body finish

Empire Axe 2.0


If you’ve ever played in a competitive paintball competition, you’ve probably seen the Empire Axe in action.

This is a high-end paintball marker with a quick paint-unloading capability. You can unleash heavy fire thanks to different firing modes such as single shot, ramping, and full-auto.

The Empire Axe lives up to the brand’s quality standards. Experienced players searching for a rock-solid paintball gun with an amazingly excellent e-trigger mechanism that can be modified for any game style, from speedball to lengthy outdoor woodsball games, will find it to be a terrific option.

Given the Axe’s flexibility, precision, and abundance of aftermarket upgrade components, it’s no wonder it’s on many players’ wish lists.

Perfect For

This paintball gun is perfect for anyone who takes their hobby seriously enough to join tournaments.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Colors: Dust grey/silver
  • Balls Per Second: 20 BPS
  • Tool-less bolt removal system

Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100


Previously known as the EMG100, the EMEK EMF100 is Planet Eclipse’s first MagFed marker. But don’t let that statement fool you; this marker is lightweight, amazingly accurate, and quiet.

The EMF100 is PAL compatible, allowing you to run a battery-less hopper system that can sustain a decent fire rate should you choose to shoot hopper ball during regular rec play.

Resembling a real firearm, this marker is very efficient and undoubtedly a straight-shooting mechanical monster.

Powered by the outstanding Gamma Core, the EMF100 offers previously unseen levels of performance and reliability to the MagFed game. It is simply brilliant, super-efficient, and a super-reliable platform.

From blistering desert heat to frozen wastelands and tropical jungles, paintball has no more durable, refined, or efficient drivetrain.

Pairing with the DYE DAM Mag allows Planet Eclipse to create a MagFed gun that can shoot round balls and First Strike or Shaped Projectiles. 

Planet Eclipse outdid itself with this paintball gun!

Perfect For

For the serious and enthusiast MagFed players, the EMF100 MagFed is a remarkable paintball marker to carry into battle!

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • FPS: 280
  • Barrel: 14.5″ 2-Piece Barrel
  • Operating System: Gamma Core Spool Valve
  • Material: Tough light GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) Outer Composition
  • Compatible with HPA tanks up to a max diameter of 51mm/2
  • PAL Compatible Feedneck

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol


The Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol is a fantastic addition to anyone’s armory, with a little more cash to spend.

The TiPX is a high-quality piece of equipment with three magazines holding seven rounds of regular paintball ammo, making reloading fast and straightforward.

This paintball handgun is small, and light yet has a genuine feel. Small CO2 cartridges fit beneath the barrel and fire semi-automatically as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

There’s also a tiny under-barrel rail where you may mount laser sights and other attachments. 

Tippmann’s high-quality design and outstanding dependability make the TiPX a legitimate top pick for paintball sidearms.

Perfect For

It is perfect for about anyone looking to buy a reliable, impressive, well-made paintball gun. It is a little pricey, so it’s not ideal for people who aren’t comfortable spending too much money.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Weight: 2.59 pounds
  • Magazine Capacity: 7 balls
  • FPS: 200 – 300 
  • Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 10 inches
  • Colors: black

Dye M3+

The improved Dye M3+ is a fantastic marker which explains its well-known reputation. It has been designed and built with state-of-the-art technology, new innovative features, and enhanced convenience.

It provides superior comfort and precise control due to its best-in-class features: full wrap, dual-density material, Slap On/Off, UL Frame, and deuce style trigger.

Compared to its predecessor, the M3+ improves the bezel, reinforces the pilot mount, and features better-quality grips.

Even today, some of the most expensive paintball guns will struggle to outperform this weapon. The FL-21 Bolt System with an all-new 2-Stage Flex Face Bolt Tip was designed to operate across extreme conditions. Unsurprisingly it has set a new standard for dependability and performance. 

In addition, it is unbelievably user-friendly and incorporates some high-level ergonomics. Its lightweight, balance, and comfort make this gun an excellent choice for any speed paintball player with a bigger budget. 

Perfect For

Unsurprisingly, many professional paintball players use the Dye M3+. This marker is perfect for anyone looking for a top-end gun with all the features you need.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • FPS: 260 – 315
  • Balls Per Second: 10 – 25
  • Barrel: 15” 2 PC Barrel
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Best ergonomics in the industry
  • Slap ASA Slide Lock Airport
  • Quick-release bolt system
  • 4th generation eye pipe system
  • HD display screen

Dye Dam Assault Matrix


As soon as you take the Dye Dam Assault out of the box, you’ll see how beautiful it is.

The reloading operation is simple to use whether you are left or right-handed. When reloading, you can still keep a low profile on the battlefield.

You have to position yourself and set the accuracy, and the trigger will take care of the rest. As soon as you gain a stronger hold on the rifle, you’ll be able to hit perfect headshots every time.

Furthermore, the DAM is extremely simple to use. You can go from semi-auto to full-auto mode with a single button click.

There are also a lot of different firing modes to choose from. Every component was created specifically for your desired playing style.

Perfect For

This gun is perfect for anyone looking for two different calibers of paintballs and is also ideal for someone looking for a weapon that can switch between the hopper and the magazine.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • FPS: 280
  • Barrel: 14” precision-honed barrel
  • Reach trigger
  • DYE Tactical Sticky Grips
  • Modular rail system

Azodin KAOS 3


The Azodin KAOS 3 is one of the market’s most affordable beginner paintball markers. This paintball marker is durable, easy to operate, ergonomic, and lighter in weight compared to previous generations.

When purchasing your first paintball gun, you should always consider its dependability.

It might be your worst nightmare when you go to the paintball battlefield for the first time and have issues with your gun. This is where KAOS 3 shines. This paintball gun is simple, with just a few moving seals and components.

In addition, this marker is simple to maintain and clean, as it can be disassembled in less than 5 minutes.

The Azodin KAOS 3 is an excellent paintball gun for beginners since it is simple, inexpensive, dependable, and light. It’s the sort of paintball that can start someone’s long journey with the sport. 

Perfect For

This gun is perfect for newcomers and people looking for something that is reasonably priced but still maintains good accuracy. 

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • FPS: 250-325
  • Balls Per Second: 10+
  • Weight: 1.99lbs
  • Barrel: 12” Multiphase Honed barrel
  • Gas-thru foregrip
  • Compatible with CO2 or HPA air tanks

Dye Rize CZR


Dye’s RIZE CZR paintball marker is designed to be packed with features usually only found in premium and high-end guns. This marker enables you to compete with any marker on the field.

It has a newly redesigned Ramp solenoid and a new Rize Fuse bolt, which gives the Rize CZR the performance of a high-end marker. 

Furthermore, the Rize CZR is comfortable, accurate, and can shoot fragile paint. The UL 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no slip reg sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger, and low profile balanced design provide control and comfort not found in most markers.

Keeping your Rize CZR operating at the top level is simple and easy. Features like the internal Anti-Chop eyes, screw-together bolt design, DYE’s patented self-cleaning 4th Gen eye pipe, and Color-Coded O-rings keep maintenance easy.

The Rize CZR was designed for top-level performance at a reasonable price.

Perfect For

The Dye Rize CZR paintball marker plays like a pro marker but without the price tag. Perfect for any intermediate to more advanced players.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • FPS: 285
  • Balls Per Second: 15 
  • Barrel: Precision True Bore Core 2pc 14” barrel
  • Material: Aluminum
  • 4 tournament firing modes and adjustable rate of fire
  • DYE OG Barrel sock

Tippmann Stormer Tactical


By design, the Stormer is simple and dependable. But don’t worry; this paintball rifle has many aftermarket attachments to customize it to your heart’s desire.

You name it: collapsible stocks, US Army Alpha branded attachments, etc. The barrel isn’t great, but it gets the job done, and if you’re trying to keep to the under $100 price point, accuracy is one of the last things on the designers’ minds.

If you have extra cash, consider investing in a 14-inch aftermarket paintball barrel to improve performance and accuracy.

Because this gun runs on CO2, you can get an affordable air tank for roughly $40. In terms of hoppers, the Proto Primo loader will suffice and won’t break the bank.

The Stormer has a built-in safety (cross bolt/push-button design), sights for those who desire them, and a helpful but detachable vertical grip to aid with rapid firing control.

Perfect For

The Tippmann Stormer Tactical is perfect for anyone looking for a fast-firing weapon who doesn’t need an ultra-accurate barrel.

Since customization is vital for some owners, this gun sells quite well and is one of Tippmann’s most popular models. It’s a customizer’s dream come true. 

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • FPS: 250-325
  • Balls Per Second: 15+
  • In-line bolt design
  • Internal gas line
  • Bottom mounted ASA
  • Offset feedport

Spyder Victor


For various reasons, the Spyder Victor Paintball Gun is one of the most popular Spyder paintball weapons today. One thing to keep in mind about this best-selling item is that it also comes in a budget-friendly 3Skull box bundle.

Aside from the entry-level paintball gun, the kit is competitively priced and includes various items.

The GXG XSVN mask, for example, comes with an anti-fog lens and visor, a superior 2003d hopper, and a 200-oz CO2 tank. It’s also likely that the tank will have its pin valve.

Its properties, like the shot’s velocity, may be customized by users. Because it has a grip panel, it ensures a better and more comfortable grip.

You may also modify the velocity of your shots thanks to the external velocity adjuster.

Owners will also like the paintball gun’s general steadiness. Also, this paintball gun’s required cleaning and oiling may be accomplished in as little as five minutes. 

Perfect For

This gun is perfect for someone looking for a quick clean-up and wanting to customize their weapon. It’s also great for people who are still learning the ropes of paintball and aren’t entirely accurate with their shots yet. 

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Balls Per Second: 3-5
  • FPS: 250
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Runs on either compressed air or CO2
  • Comfortable grip 
  • All-alumnium body

Planet Eclipse Etha 3


The Planet Eclipse Etha 3 is another paintball marker worth considering. You’ll love how it is built to be dependable, polished, sturdy, and feature-rich.

With the robust composite material utilized for its external structure and the durable aircraft-grade aluminum material used for its exteriors, it can withstand any paintball field.

It’s also easy to manage since it’s both lightweight and well-balanced. Users also like its little recoil since it helps shoot more precisely.

Another advantage is that it is constructed with great precision. You may feel confident that it will allow you to hit your aim or goal even if you are a long way away.

You will particularly like the trigger’s big grip gap since it allows you to grasp the market more effectively.

Perfect For

It is perfect for all users, from beginners to experienced players searching for a mid-range paintball gun or marker.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Balls Per Second: 15
  • Weight: 2.19 pounds
  • Upgraded aluminium feedneck
  • Powered by the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain
  • Sleek Glass Reinforced Nylon Composite (GRN) body and back cap

Valken M17 Magfed


This paintball marker is one of the best-looking guns available on the market. As a magazine-fed marker, it doesn’t require batteries, which is fantastic.

The Valken M17 Magfed performs accurately due to its exceptional blow-forward operating capabilities. We found that this holds even in long distances.

It is excellent and built with quality materials. On top of that, the Valken M17 is capable of firing round 0.68 calibers as well as first strike rounds (FSR) immediately. 

Although most other MagFed equivalents are semi-automatic markers only, switching from pneumatic and mechanical semi-automatic to full automatic on the M17 can be done quickly via the flip of a lever. 

Note that a tank is not included with this paintball marker and requires a 13ci/3000psi Valken Compressed Air Tank.

Perfect For

Primarily for intermediate to advanced-level players. It would be a solid choice for beginner players who want to get into the Magfed experience. 

Notable Features

  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • FPS: 250 – 325
  • Barrel: 7.5 inch M17
  • Both semi and fully-automatic firing modes
  • Mechanical firing system – no battery needed
  • Ambidextrous magazine release

Tippmann TMC Mag Fed Marker


Magazine-fed markers, much like pump markers, aren’t necessarily superior to others.

This mag-fed marker has a modest price tag, a tactical appearance, and a one-of-a-kind feel. The Tippmann TMC Mag Fed Marker is the most popular gun from this brand and likely the most popular among seasoned pros too. 

Many people like mag-fed games because they are slower-paced and frequently conducted in a military simulation. You’ll need your mag-fed marker, such as the TMC, to participate in these games.

While it only comes with two magazines, they are inexpensive. Also, with this marker’s adjustable feed method, you can swap from mags to hoppers. You can, of course, always buy additional magazines.

Tippmann’s stock barrels are notorious for needing to be more accurate. Hence most users advocate switching to a Freak Barrel kit or another option for this rifle.

Perfect For

The TMC is an excellent marker for someone who wants a marker with many customization options but is okay with a slow rate of fire. This is a perfect entry-level paintball gun for anybody new to the sport.

Notable Features

  • Caliber: .68
  • FPS: 250-325
  • Balls Per Second: 8
  • Weight: 3 pounds 13 oz
  • FPS: Adjustable
  • Modes: Semi-auto
  • Front and rear adjustable sights
  • Built-in Picatinny Rails

What Paintball Guns Do The Pros Use?

There are many options for professional paintballers to purchase. And any expert in the field will understand what to look for when buying their gun: the price, the weight, the FPS and BPS, and how customizable the weapon is.

Typically, some of the best paintball guns used by the pros include:

What Is The Best Paintball Gun?

If you are grading all the paintball guns on the market and want to claim just one sole rifle as the “greatest,” you can’t go wrong with the Tippmann Cronus

What is so special about the Cronus is that it’s a perfect gun for a seasoned pro and a newcomer who has never picked up a paintball gun.

With its removable barrel shield and stock, fantastic look and feel, and accuracy, there isn’t a better market than the Tippmann Cronus. 

What Is The Most Powerful Paintball Gun?

Tippmann’s TMC MagFed paintball marker checks all the appropriate boxes in terms of steady performance, high-end design, and absolute power.

For many reasons, it’s the most powerful paintball gun on the market. This gun comes with a dual-feed option. Both standard hoppers or magazine-fed options load paintballs quickly. 

The TMC MagFed marker may also be used to shoot FPS 250-325 and can be adjusted into a semi-automatic gun. With a 12-inch barrel, you’ll always be able to fire with exceptional accuracy.

So it packs a punch while maintaining accuracy. It’s a must-have for shooters who want to make an impact.

Which Paintball Gun Is The Most Accurate?

When looking for the most accurate and reliable paintball gun on the market, you can’t do much more than the Empire Paintball Axe Marker.

Its fantastic design and comfort level are only outdone by its deft precision and accuracy. 

The Empire Paintball Axe Marker is for intermediate to higher-level players that want to put reliability in each of their shots. It is the most accurate paintball gun on the market.

You will be unstoppable when partnered with a good HPA tank.

What Is The Best Paintball Gun Brand?

It is hard to disagree that Tippmann is the best paintball gun brand on the market.

It’s not just because Tippmann makes the excellent Cronus. It’s also because all their products are made with solid craftsmanship, accuracy, and a look and feel you can’t find anywhere else.

Tippmann put a lot of care into their weapons, not just the top-selling ones. 

What Is The Most Expensive Paintball Gun?

The most expensive paintball gun is not one that is all about accuracy, firing power, or customization. It’s all about crystals. Yes, crystals!

The Crystal Bling Ego 09 is the most expensive paintball gun at $5,000. 

It’s a paintball gun, except it’s covered with crystals. As you can imagine, the price of this gun has nothing to do with its performance and everything to do with how it looks. It’s all about those crystals!

It isn’t easy to fathom why someone would desire a crystal-encrusted rifle in the first place. 


So, these were the best paintball guns out there. Some were for beginners, some for professionals. But all of them are, without a doubt, excellent.

Did you find one that fits your needs?

If you did, let me know in the comments below, and if you didn’t, also let me know, and I’ll try to find you one that does!

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