7 Best Paintball Places In Poconos: Their Pricing, Field Type & More

Paintball is a thrilling sport and an excellent way to spend quality time with friends and loved ones and at the same time be active. Each time you go to a different paintball place, it provides a diverse experience. There are a lot of great paintball places in Poconos. Below are just some of the best and the favorites.

Paintball Asylum145 Camelback Road Tannersville, Pa 18372www.thepaintballasylum.com
Pocono Mountain PaintballPO Box 65, Nesquehoning, PA 18240www.poconomountainpaintball.com
Tippmann Castle 211 North Meckesville Rd Albrightsville, PA 18210www.skirmish.com
Pittsburg Paintball Park1403 Idlewood Rd. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205www.pittsburghpaintballpark.com
Steeltown Paintball Indoor Facility 600 Freeport Road “Building 29” New Kensington, PA 15068 Outdoor Facility 500 steeltownpaintball.com
Skytop LodgeSkytop PA www.skytop.com
Skirmish Paintball211 North Meckesville Rd Albrightsville, PA 18210www.skirmish.com

Paintball Asylum

You will find this fantastic paintball field at the foot of Camelback Mountain Resort. Paintball Asylum offers eight different venues to select from the spread in 30 wooden acres, so there are more spaces for all.

They can accommodate groups celebrating special events such as bachelor’s parties, birthdays, corporate team building, bachelorette parties, and many others.

Even the small ones or kids can also have fun at this venue. For kids aged six and above, there are low-impact paintball markers available. They offer different packages that include goggles, paintballs, and jumpsuits, as well as chest protectors.

To take benefit of this option, there should be at least ten players in the group, and each one should use low-impact guns.

Pocono Mountain Paintball

Pocono Mountain Paintball is a perfect choice if you want amazing, reliable, yet reasonably priced paintball fields in Pocono. This is family-owned and runs a business that has been in the business for more than two decades.

Pocono Mountain Paintball has nine playing fields available that range from open fields, sloped to wooded areas dotted with different structures such as bunkers. Another amazing facility is the zip line if you want to experience a different type of adrenaline rush.

You can find this field just outside Jim Thorpe; therefore, you can spend quality time in the charming town after playing paintball. It offers many things to do like train rides, shopping malls as well as delicious restaurants.

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Address: PO Box 65, Nesquehoning, PA 18240
  • Phone: (800) 876-0285/ 570-669-9127
  • Email: info@adventurerafting.com
  • Website: https://www.poconomountainpaintball.com/
  • Price: $29.95 individual full-day play (admission, goggles, gun, free hotdog BBQ, compressed air, and unlimited games) $21.95 individual ½ day play ( admission, gun, goggles, compressed air, Free hotdog BBQ, and five games or four hours of play. $10,00 spectator fee (admission, goggles, orange vest, and Free hotdog BBQ0.

Tippmann Castle

This is also one of the best paintball places you can try if you are in Pocono. This is located at 211 North Meckesville Rd Albrightsville, PA 18210 and has been operating for many years now. They have a good reputation when it comes to safety and reliability.

The staff and the management are very friendly and accommodating. They also prioritize the safety of the players, and there is a skilled referee that helps oversee your play. 

They offer different kinds of packages to suit your playing style and, of course, your budget. This paintball place is not just perfect for seasoned players but also for newbie players too.

Kids are also welcome here. In fact, this is called one of the kids-friendly paintball fields in Pocono, and in the whole area as well. You can contact customer service for a reservation.

Pittsburg Paintball Park

This is considered the newest paintball venue in Pittsburg. Influenced by popular games COD or Call of Duty, PPP or Pittsburgh Paintball Park provides movie quality maps like military compound Mayan Temple ruins, Vietnam B-52 crash site, a regulation turfed NXL field, and a whole lot more.  

You can book private games and play public play games anytime you want. They also provide both standard .68 caliber as well as low impact .50 caliber paintball modes. If you are tired and exhausted from the same boring party, then consider a paintball party.

Your birthday or any events will be memorable and unforgettable as well. They provide affordable group party packages and offer groups with designated pavilions and picnic areas. This is indeed the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: 1403 Idlewood Rd. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205
  • Phone: (412) 419-5770
  • Email: info@pittsburghpaintballpark.com
  • Website: https://www.pittsburghpaintballpark.com/
  • Price: all-day entry air brings your own equipment for only $15. They also offer different types of packages; you can visit the site for more information about the pricing or rates.  You can check the website for more details about the rate and pricing. 

Steeltown Paintball 

The Steeltown Paintball is the premier and most excellent venue for a memorable and thrilling paintball experience, from exclusive scenario games to private parties. 

Forget the usual thing; make your next party memorable and full of fun. With packages made to accommodate any group, Steeltown Paintball provides adventures for gamers regardless of skill level and age. They also provide outdoor and indoor facilities; therefore, the weather will not ruin your special event. 

There are the best two big action-filled fields for you to take pleasure in Pittsburg. They cater to each style of play, from newbie players to avid scenario paintballers.

They are the biggest indoor and outdoor paintball fields that offer an array of group rates for bachelor parties, birthday parties, school events, and corporate events, as well as other outings. Rental equipment and food are available. 

  • Type: Indoor and outdoor 
  • Address: Indoor Facility 600 Freeport Road “Building 29” New Kensington, PA 15068 Outdoor Facility 500 Huntington Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15202
  • Phone: +1 (412) 443-9287
  • Email: steeltownpaintball@g
  • Website: https://steeltownpaintball.com/
  • Price: Outdoor small groups $35 per player (2-hour gameplay, referee, 300 paintball, etc.) Outdoor standard group for $30 for every player and large outdoor group for $25 for every player. 

Skytop Lodge

This is one of the best paintball places in Poconos. The staff and the crew are very friendly and accommodating to make sure you have a memorable and unforgettable play.

The referees will accompany you to make the sure fair and safe play. You are required to sign a waiver prior to playing. This is not just perfect for adults but also for kids who want to learn this game. 

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: Skytop PA 
  • Phone: 855 345 7759
  • Email: reservations@skytop.com
  • Website: https://www.skytop.com/activity/paintball/
  • Price: $45 plus tax for a person (this included 500 paintballs, gun rental, chest protector rental, mask rental, pod pack rental, and referee fees) For an additional, $10 you might buy camalls; a camouflage painter’s suit to keep your clothes safe and sound.

Skirmish Paintball

This is one of the best paintball venues in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania- a place of the Invasion of Normandy scenario paintball game. Typically, you can look forward to more than 4000 players joining this WWII-themed paintball game.

This is also considered one of the largest paintball venues ever made, spanning more than 750 acres on the Mt. Pocono and consisting of 50 plus themed paintball maps. The most well-known paintball venue at Skirmish is the Tippmann Castle, which is three stories tall and has a siege tower.

Some other cool venues are Fort Skirmish, Tunnels, Hemlock, Cyclone, Shadowlands, Tippmann, and many others. You can look forward to witnessing dense woods, open fields, swamps, creeks, villages, forts, trees, cargo containers, airplanes, tanks, inflatable bunkers as well as speedball arenas. 


There are a lot of things to do and see in Poconos including paintball. However, if you want to experience the best and the safest gameplay, ensure to consider the best paintball places in Poconos like those mentioned above.

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