How Long Do Paintballs Last & How To Make Them Last Longer

how long do paintballs last

If you’re just getting into paintball, you might be wondering how long your paintballs will last. Well, on average, paintballs will last 4-8 months before expiring. But, like a lot of things, it really depends on your specific situation. Factors like humidity, temperature, and sunlight can change all affect shelf life of your paintballs. Thankfully, … Read more

Are Paintballs Toxic Or Edible: To Humans, Dogs & Other Pets

are paintballs toxic to humans or non toxic

It is practically impossible to avoid getting some paint splatter through your mask during an intense game of paintball. So, many people wonder if it is dangerous to accidentally consume a bit of the paint or if the paint can cause any adverse effects by touching your eyes, nose, etc.  This article will discuss if … Read more

Can You Clean A Paintball Gun With Water & How To

cleaning paintball gun with water

It is essential to clean and keep your paintball gun in good condition after every game. Leaving it dirty for long will result in jamming, misfunctioning, and ultimately, an early death. A neglected paintball gun will always have a shorter lifespan than one which is properly cleaned and oiled.  So, can you clean a paintball … Read more