How To Make A Homemade Paintball Gun: Step-By-Step

homemade paintball gun

Are you thinking of making a homemade paintball gun by yourself and you’re not sure what it involves, if it’s safe, or if it’s even possible? Don’t worry; you’re in the right place. In this post, I will discuss step by step the process of making a homemade paintball gun. The kind of paintball gun … Read more

Can You Clean A Paintball Gun With Water & How To

cleaning paintball gun with water

It is essential to clean and keep your paintball gun in good condition after every game. Leaving it dirty for long will result in jamming, misfunctioning, and ultimately, an early death. A neglected paintball gun will always have a shorter lifespan than one which is properly cleaned and oiled.  So, can you clean a paintball … Read more

How To Build Your Own Paintball Course: Step-By-Step Guide

how to build a paintball field

Are you looking for some ideas and guidance on how to build a paintball course by yourself? Well, this article will cover the fundamental steps on how to build a paintball course. To make your construction more cost-effective, I will make use of everyday yard materials wherever possible. Building a field on your own will … Read more

Why Does Your Paintball Gun Rapid Fire & How To Fix It: Easy Guide

how to fix a paintball gun that rapid fires 1

A common issue among most paintball players is their paintball gun rapid-firing or double-firing. I have seen many paintball-related forums with unanswered threads for this specific question. The main reason is that it is a complicated topic to explain. Basically, a rapid-fire or double-fire issue can happen due to a problem with any one part: … Read more