How To Remove Duracoat: 4 Ideas & Step-By-Step Instructions

how to remove duracoat

Duracoat is a 2-part chemical spray finish that is designed to be used on firearms specifically. While the process of actually applying the paint is not complicated, the preparation work needs to be done meticulously to ensure an even, flawless finish.  That being said, you need to follow several steps if you are going to … Read more

Paintball Gun Not Recocking: How To Assess Why & Fix

paintball gun not recocking

While reading some online forums, I came across a few people seeking advice on their paintball gun not recocking. I found that there was no solid answer to this question anywhere. Therefore, I decided to do some deep research on this topic and provide a solution for anyone having the same issue. Paintball guns are unpredictable … Read more

Why Does Your Paintball Gun Rapid Fire & How To Fix It: Easy Guide

how to fix a paintball gun that rapid fires 1

A common issue among most paintball players is their paintball gun rapid-firing or double-firing. I have seen many paintball-related forums with unanswered threads for this specific question. The main reason is that it is a complicated topic to explain. Basically, a rapid-fire or double-fire issue can happen due to a problem with any one part: … Read more