11 Best Professional Paintballers & How Much They Make

professional paintball salary

Paintball is quite a common activity amongst teenagers and adults alike. While it is mainly played for entertainment purposes, there are some people that play at a competitive and professional level.  You can imagine how good you have to be to make it at the professional level, but can you wrap your mind around being one … Read more

How To Be Good At Paintball: 10 Tips From Veteran Players

How To Be Good At Paintball

Paintball is a high-adrenaline shooting sport that is exciting to play no matter your skill level. However, it is usually more fun to be a strong player as this will allow you to stay in the match longer and get more hits on target, thus, increasing satisfaction.  Certain factors distinguish a beginner from a seasoned … Read more

Top 12 Best Magfed Paintball Guns Of 2021: Beginner To Pro

best magfed paintball guns

1. DYE ASSAULT MATRIX (DAM) With an interchangeable magazine-fed and loader-fed system, the Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) magfed paintball gun provides versatile action for tactical players. The gun seamlessly switches between firing modes (including semi-automatic, high-round burst, and full-auto) and gives users confidence in its durable build materials. Dye’s quick-release bolt system ensures reliable usage, … Read more

7 Games Like Paintball That Make Perfect Alternatives

paintball similar games

Paintball is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) team-shooting sports that can really get your adrenaline pumping. In various game modes, players aim to eliminate the other team by shooting them with spherical paint-filled gelatin capsules that burst on impact.  Sounds like fun, right? While it can be extremely enjoyable, there … Read more

Airsoft VS Paintball: Pain, Cost, Realism, Range & More

airsoft vs paintball

Airsoft and paintball are probably two of the most popular team shooting sports in today’s world. So, as a beginner interested in shooting sports, you will probably look to these two options before anything else.  But which one is right for you? There are several differences and similarities between these two sports, so choosing one … Read more

What To Wear To Paintball: Head To Toe 24 Best Options

what to wear to paintball

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport that really gets your adrenaline pumping. You can play it in a number of different settings, both indoor and outdoor, and a number of different “game modes”. That being said, it can be pretty painful to get hit with a paintball without the proper protective gear. The paintballs … Read more

How To Make A Paintball Pod Holder For 2$: Step-By-Step

how to make a pod holder paintball

Do you know that a paintball pod holder is one of the essential gear pieces for any paintball player? But, since I always like to cut down my cost of playing somehow, I was thinking, why don’t I make a paintball pod holder by myself? It’s a fairly simple piece of equipment. So I started … Read more