Paintball Gun Not Recocking: How To Assess Why & Fix

While reading some online forums, I came across a few people seeking advice on their paintball gun not recocking. I found that there was no solid answer to this question anywhere.

Therefore, I decided to do some deep research on this topic and provide a solution for anyone having the same issue. Paintball guns are unpredictable equipment that may face problems due to a multitude of internal complications. 

So why do paintball guns not recock? Most times, a paintball gun will not recock because your tank is empty. If not, there is a chance that chopped paintballs are gummed up inside. And in rare cases, inadequate pressure from the hammer will also result in recock issue.

In this post I’ll discuss these various issues, how to identify them, and then how to fix them.

If you could not fix the issue using any of these methods, there may be some severe mechanical malfunction with your gun. You may need to ask for a replacement or visit a professional paintball gun technician for that.

How To Fix A Paintball Gun Not Recocking

how to fix a jammed paintball gun

If The Recock Issue Is Because Of The Tank

In most cases, this issue arises due to an empty (or almost empty) paintball tank. Once the tank does not have enough air, it cannot provide enough pressure for firing the paintball away from the gun.

To double-check, fill your tank and try firing the gun upwards. To triple-check, you can borrow a full tank from someone. If it works with that (and your tank doesn’t work while full), it may be faulty (warranties will cover that).

If The Recock Issue Is Due To Broken Paintballs

If everything is fine with your tank, and your paintball gun doesn’t recock with another tank either, check for the second issue. There is a chance that paintballs broke inside your gun.

Broken paintball will settle inside the internals and stick to the inside walls. In such a case, you’ll need to take your paintball gun apart, remove the broken balls, clean everything thoroughly (I have a guide for that), and apply some paintball oil.

If The Recock Issue Is Due To A Misfunctioning Hammer

There is a rare chance that the hammer’s pressure decreased over a period of time, resulting in this issue. Adjust the tension on the hammer, and test whether the gun again.

If it does not solve the problem, but the hammer does seem not to function, you might need to replace it completely. 


As discussed in this post, a paintball gun not recocking usually happens because your air tank is empty. If not, then there is a chance that broken paintballs gummed up inside are blocking it.

And in rare cases, inadequate or even nonexistent pressure of the hammer might be the issue. I hope this helped you find yours and fix it. Good luck!

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