14 Best Paintball Masks (For Beginner To Pro): Picked By A Paintball Pro

Those that have been in the hobby for any time will generally narrow down the brands and models of the best paintball masks that they prefer to use.

However, for those unfamiliar with new models on the market, or for those just getting into the hobby, trying to find the best paintball masks can be an intimidating task.

So, to help you find the best paintball mask for your needs, I’ve done the legwork and research to put together this guide to the best paintball masks available now.

Dye i5


For paintballers that are looking for one of the best paintball masks, bar none, the search ends with the Dye i5.

The GSR Pro strap features a precise tension adjustment, so your mask always stays perfectly fitted no matter the conditions.

When fit properly and secured with the ratcheting strap, it seals the goggle area and provides a fog-free 290-degree field of view.

The multi-directional venting ensures that even when you’re breathing hard before, during, or after an engagement, your breathing isn’t hindered and your optics stay clear.

If you use a camera for streaming or filming, the Dye i5 includes an integrated heads-up POV camera mount. The foam padding and lens are both able to be removed and replaced in seconds with the quick release system.

The Dye i5 can also integrate the e.VOKE wireless comms system, so your team can communicate unimpeded by distance or engagement.

The Dye i5 is perfect for players of all skill levels and abilities, particularly those willing to invest in their protection and enjoyment. It is a top-tier mask that has everything you need and most things you could want, without spending too much.

Notable Features

  • ASTM certified
  • 0.36kg
  • 290-degree FOV
  • Formed & protected ear space
  • Tool-free rapid lens change
  • e.VOKE wireless communication
  • GSR pro-strap
  • POV mount
  • Anti-fog lens
  • SCREAM Multi-directional venting

Virtue VIO Contour


Virtue is a company known for innovation and versatility in the paintball game, and their gear is some of the best.

The construction and design of the Virtue VIO Contour lends the mask to be one of the most versatile and customizable masks on the market.

This includes the option to fully customize the lens, ear pads, foam inserts, adjustment strap, and even the venting mechanism on the lower.

The Virtue VIO Contour is also durable since the semi-flexible material resists damage more easily than fully rigid models.

The wide field of vision and the fog-free lens are also big benefits to the Virtue VIO Contour, and the echo reduction function of the ear pads is great for those that use callouts and other vocal communication during a match.

One thing the Virtue VIO Contour lacks out of the box, however, is a solid visor to help block light and improve visibility.

For experienced players and established beginners, the Virtue VIO Contour is a solid entry to top-tier masks.

The customization means you can tailor your mask to the match, making it ideal for players that are ready to upgrade to a mask that offers more consistency and long-term use.

Notable Features

  • Semi-flexible material
  • Approximately 0.5kg
  • Wide FOV
  • Highly customizable
  • Lens coating boosts visibility
  • Molded foam pad for adjustments
  • No-echo ear pads improve field acoustics
  • Direct mouth vents for air exchange and communication
  • Subdued, inconspicuous look
  • Fog-resistant, 100% UV-blocking lens

Bunkerkings CMD


The Bunkerkings CMD is a super-premium mask and one of the best paintball masks for both amateur and professional players.

The Bunkerkings CMD uses the VIO system for the lens and strap, so options for customization and versatility are plentiful.

It is also one of the easiest to clean paintball masks since the almost unmatched ventilation provides ample escape for hot breath.

The mask comes with foam inserts that are a little thicker than most, and have an extra layer of closed-cell foam for density and sealing.

This makes it super-comfortable, and a paintball mask that you can wear for a full weekend of all-day matches. If the foam isn’t to your liking, however, the Virtue VIO platform means you can swap linings out in a few seconds.

For players that are semi-pro to pro-level, the Bunkerkings CMD could be an ideal go-to mask. For newer players, the comfort and feature set is hard to beat, though the price tag may be a bit more challenging to overcome.

Notable Features

  • Polycarbonate
  • Approximately 0.5kg
  • VIO Thermal lens technology
  • Multi-directional air exchange zones
  • Anti-echo design and construction
  • Built-in microvisor
  • Super-wide & soft strap
  • Faceplate flex zones for superior comfort

Empire E-Flex


A major concern for many players is the comfort of the synthetic foam inserts against their skin for hours.

Many players with allergies or sensitivities may find that the foam causes itching, hives, or breakouts, and look for an alternative.

Commonly found for less than a hundred bucks, the Empire E-Flex is a superb hypoallergenic option for an effective and protective face covering that is every bit as comfortable as some models at double the price.

The ventilation on this mask is insane, with venting around the nose, mouth, and cheeks, drastically reducing the amount of hot, humid air that rises to the lens area.

These perforations also make communicating in the Empire E-Flex simple and clear, since the mask helps aim and project the voice. The fog-proof, zero distortion lens offers an incredibly clear and UV-free 270-degree field of view.

The Empire E-Flex is perfect for beginners through moderate skill levels and is a prime choice if you need a hypoallergenic option.

The comfort and ventilation are perfect, and the lens can be changed relatively easily, another reason they’re great with players still becoming established in the hobby.

Notable Features

  • Soft & flexible face skirt
  • 0.86kg
  • 270-degree FOV
  • Zero-distortion anti-fog, thermal lens
  • Hypo-allergenic foam padding for not itching or irritation
  • High perforation in the skirt for ultimate ventilation
  • Vents lens-swapping system

Dye Precision i4 Thermal


For players that are hungry for the next level of gear, the Dye Precision i4 Thermal is an ideal entry point into the professional level equipment tier.

The Dye Precision i4 Thermal features some of Dye’s premium features, like a super-wide field of vision, premium ventilation, and a close-to-the-face fit, for those that may need a lower profile.

The multi-directional venting system ensures that you can project your voice where you need it to go, no matter where your eyes need to be pointed.

The Dye Precision i4 Thermal far exceeds tournament standards, so it can be used anywhere, and the integrated temple cutouts make space for prescription frames underneath the low-profile mask.

The HD lens helps fight fogging, and the thermal treatment helps reduce fogging further. One downside is that the mask only opens up so far, so if you have a bigger head, this may not be ideal.

The Dye Precision i4 Thermal is a pro-level mask and is ideal for established players that are looking to upgrade to a closer-fitting mask.

Notable Features

  • Doubles ASTM and CE standards
  • 0.3kg
  • High peripheral vision
  • Hardcoat lens protection
  • SCREAM venting
  • Cutting edge thermal lens technology
  • Compression formed ears
  • Tiger Teeth strap retention system
  • Super-contoured fit

Virtue VIO Ascend


The Virtue VIO Ascend is one of the best “budget” paintball masks available. It is versatile enough to be used in woodsball or speedball, and there are more than a dozen options for lens customization.

This makes it a great option for players that need to upgrade from their starter mask but still may not have a ton of cash to throw at it.

It combines some great features like a dual-pane VIO lens system and premium breathability, with a price point barely over a hundred bucks. 

It is a little heavier than some other similar masks, but it also has a more unique construction, since it is a largely flexible mask that features rigidity zones that reinforce the entire design.

The Virtue VIO Ascend has a sleek design and a nice wide field of view, so you can always keep the enemy in sight.

The Virtue VIO Ascend is the best paintball mask for someone who wants a high-end budget mask and wants enough versatility in it that they may not have to buy another mask for other engagements or matches.

It can be used in nearly any type of match, and the lenses are based on the VIO platform making them simple to swap out when conditions demand.

Notable Features

  • Flexible mask with rigid zones
  • 0.5kg
  • VIO-based lens
  • Super-high customization and upgradeability
  • Easy-swap lenses & visors
  • Anti-fog, dual pane lenses
  • Optimal ventilation & breathability
  • Entry-level pro mask

HK Army HSTL Thermal


The HK Army HSTL Thermal is made from a proprietary blend of rigid thermoplastics, and offers a larger protected area than many other masks, though not quite as much as a full converge mask.

The upper and lower goggle foam can be quickly removed and replaced, and the dual-pane thermal lens helps fight fogging up. The lens can be quickly and easily swapped out for different colors or styles as well.

The HK Army HSTL Thermal features two separate adjustable straps for an optimal and trouble-free fit, both an anti-slip goggle strap and an adjustable chin strap.

The solid fit and firm foam inserts ensure that the mask offers complete protection, and the built-in visor helps enhance vision by reducing glare.

The HK Army HSTL Thermal is a great mask for occasional players, as well as those who are just getting into the hobby and need a relatively painless price point.

The versatility of the HK Army HSTL Thermal allows the wearer to experience different types of play without a large investment.

Notable Features

  • Rigid thermoplastic
  • 0.9lbs
  • Wide FOV
  • A quick-change tool-free lens system
  • Replaceable foam insert
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Includes visor

Virtue VIO Extend


The Virtue VIO Extend is another Virtue paintball mask built around the VIO platform, which guarantees a huge degree of repair and upgrade capability.

The perfectly perforated lower allows unhindered breathability as well as powerful voice projection.

The VIO platform lenses are anti-fog, UV-blocking, and coated with a special scratch-resistant coating, as well as being made to fit the quick-release form factor of the VIO line.

The Virtue VIO Extend is also one of the best paintball masks when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Since the mask is ventilated so well, there is a far lower amount of condensation that builds up around the wearer’s mouth.

This makes overall cleaning much easier. The extensive ventilation also contributes to the fog-avoidance capabilities of the lenses.

This is a perfect mask for players that don’t wear glasses since it has a very close fit and contoured profile. It is considered a pro-level paintball mask and is for experienced players that need premium optical clarity and field of view.

Notable Features

  • Semi-flexible with rigid reinforcements
  • 0.57kg
  • Super-wide FOV
  • Quick change, fog-resistant thermal lens
  • Excellent light-blocking ability
  • All-day comfort
  • Incredible customization options
  • Clear communication vents
  • Can accommodate users with glasses

JT Spectra Flex 8


The is one of the few full coverage paintball masks that are still relatively comfortable and user-friendly.

For intermediate players that are considering getting into long matches or even multi-match tournaments, the JT Spectra Flex 8 is an exceptional option.

The adjustable visor helps block light, and the thermally-treated lens won’t fog up on you when you are breathing heavily. The built-in fan system also helps maximize the airflow. 

The JT Spectra Flex 8 has an incredible 260-degree field of view, and the full coverage design protects the entire head and neck area of the player.

While the helmet portion is rigid, the skirting is semi-flexible and the mask includes soft ear pads to ensure long-wearing comfort and unimpeded hearing.

It feels much lighter than many other models, and the inside profile is highly accommodating to prescription glasses.

For intermediate players that are looking for an upgrade, particularly if they play while wearing prescription glasses, the JT Spectra Flex 8 is one of the best paintball masks around.

The full coverage is also a nice bonus for players that prefer more protection than traditional masks.

Notable Features

  • Dual Fusion thermoplastic
  • 2.15lbs
  • 260-degree FOV
  • Full coverage mask
  • Removable visor
  • Unique venting system
  • Built-in fan

V-Force Armor Fieldvision Gen 3


The V-Force Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 is a simple but effective paintball mask that can give the wearer decent protection and comfort for less than fifty bucks.

The zero-distortion vision in the specially rounded lenses is relatively uncommon in such a budget mask, and the patented quick-change lens system makes replacements and upgrades a snap and doesn’t require any tools.

The thermocured lens will not fog up when you start huffing and puffing, and the clear-vision coating helps them resist fog even more.

The hardcoat lens treatment lets you use your V-Force Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 hard without getting the lenses destroyed by scratches and scuffs.

It’s an ideal mask for a beginner who needs an entry-level mask and only wants to spend the bare minimum on the basic protection and whatever features come with it.

Notable Features

  • Thermoplastic
  • 12.8 ounces
  • Wide FOV
  • Thermocured fog-proof lens
  • Hardcoat optics for scratch resistance
  • Fits over most prescription glasses

Empire Helix Thermal


The Empire Helix Thermal is an entry-level Empire mask that gives some new or potential players the price point they need to get into the hobby more seriously.

The combined brow shield and visor allow not only a “better than nothing” light-shielding benefit, but also gives the mask increased rigidity above the lens. 

The clear dual-pane thermal lens resists the build-up of fog, and the direct venting helps reduce the amount of breath that travels toward the lens.

The lens is simple to switch out, should the need arise, and the rigid plastic mask provides more protection for inexperienced players. 

While intermediate and professional players may find this mask too basic, that is what makes it ideal for new players or those that can’t budget big bucks for fancy masks.

For beginners looking for an affordable and versatile mask, the Empire Helix Thermal is a solid buy.

Notable Features

  • Solid thermoplastic
  • 0.41kg
  • Wide FOV
  • Crystal clear dual-pane lens
  • Combination visor & brow guard included
  • Easy change lens
  • Solid ear coverings

GI Sportz Armor Vforce Armor Mask Gen 3


The GI Sportz Armor Vforce Armor Mask Gen 3 is a low-profile paintball mask that still gives an incredible field of view and crystal clear vision.

The lenses are specially rounded to eliminate any optical distortion, and the mask overall has a very ergonomic feel and fit. The anti-fog and non-scratch coating help keep the lenses looking great match after match. 

The lenses can be quickly and easily changed out without the use of tools. Featuring a bio-fit frame to the mask, it hugs the contour of the face closely, but without creating pressure points.

The low-profile and close fit of the GI Sportz Armor Vforce Armor Mask Gen 3 means that those with corrective lenses should find a mask that is more accomodating of the frames.

The fast-drying foam padding lets you get active without getting uncomfortable.

The GI Sportz Armor Vforce Armor Mask Gen 3 is a perfect mask for beginners and new enthusiasts who need a mask with great optics and high levels of protection.

Notable Features

  • Rigid thermoplastic
  • 0.43kg
  • Super-wide FOV
  • Sectional bio-fit frame
  • Quick change lens 
  • Fits over most prescription frames
  • Fast-dry foam padding

Push Unite


The Push Unite paintball mask is great for anyone looking for a sturdy and protective mask with lenses that aren’t going to fog up and impact your vision.

These masks are lightweight, have a sturdy magnetic chin strap, and they come with a protective carrying case, which allows you to store your mask with little risk of damage.

With the Push Unite, you can adjust that mask for a precise fit, thanks to the nose bridge adjustment, as well as the chin strap. It is also designed to keep you cool, with the 16 ventilation zones that allow hot air to escape.

Notable Features

  • Rigid plastic
  • Super-wide FOV
  • Quad-pane lens
  • Includes protective case
  • Magnetic chin strap offers a precise fit
  • Low glare coating for minimal reflection
  • 16 separate ventilation zones

JT ProFlex X


This upgraded version of older Proflex models has several features that makes it stand out from similar masks on the market.

The Pro-Change frame system is a game-changer, as it allows you to switch out your lenses for something more appropriate for the conditions you’re playing in.

Mask maintenance is important. Whether the foam becomes damaged or worn out, you’ll be able to easily replace it with fresh foam, extending the life of your paintball mask.

You’ll be protected by the rigid upper, while the flexible soft lower mandible provides comfort and ease of movement.

Notable Features

  • Rigid upper, semi-flexible lower
  • 0.61kg
  • Wide FOV
  • Solid ear protection
  • Incredible ventilation
  • Pro-change frame system
  • Makes communication easy

What Is The Best Paintball Mask?

When it comes to the best paintball mask overall, it’s hard to beat the Dye i5

Not only is it ASTM certified for professional and amateur tournament use, but it also has cutting-edge communication tools available, making it one of the best masks for both beginners and experienced players. 

The unbeatable ventilation and fit make it a pleasure to wear for 8 hours or more, giving the wearer an incredible edge.

With one of the widest fields of view available in a paintball mask, you can even attach a POV camera to the head’s up mount.

What Is The Best Paintball Mask For No Fog?

If you just want the best paintball mask that won’t fog up while you’re playing, but you don’t want to spend a ton, one of the best mid-range masks is the Virtue VIO Ascend.

Not only does the Ascend include some pro-level features at an amateur price point, like optimal breathability and ventilation, complete UV blocking,  and removable foam, but you also get the customization of the VIO line of lenses and strap upgrades and replacements.

What To Look For In A Great Paintball Mask

  • Overall comfort
  • Ear protection
  • Lens type
  • Durability
  • Ventilation
  • Fog-proof lens and facial seals
  • Weight

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