Top 11 Best Magfed Paintball Guns: Beginner To Pro

If you’ve been looking for the best magazine-fed paintball gun so you can turn your hobby into a more enjoyable, more realistic, mil-sim, you’re in luck.

I’ve been playing paintball for over 10 years now, I did a lot of research, and these are the absolute best ones. Let’s go!


best mag fed paintball marker

With an interchangeable magazine-fed and loader-fed system, the Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) magfed paintball gun provides versatile action for tactical players.

The gun seamlessly switches between firing modes (including semi-automatic, high-round burst, and full-auto) and gives users confidence in its durable build materials.

Dye’s quick-release bolt system ensures reliable usage, while the standard Picatinny rail system allows easy accessorizing. The DAM’s solid craftsmanship comes in at just over 4.7 pounds and makes this gun an excellent option for intense matches.


  • High-end design. The DAM is a high-end magfed paintball gun with careful craftsmanship, making it built to last even the most brutal play.
  • Versatile features. With an interchangeable mag-fed and loader-fed system, this gun easily meets a wide variety of needs.
  • Easy accessorizing. With a standard Picatinny rail system, the DAM is perfect for accessories and customization, making it a good option for more advanced players.


  • Expensive. Coming in at over $1,500, the DAM is a premium gun at a very premium price point.
  • Heavy design. At nearly 5 pounds, this gun is a heavy partner for active players. 
  • Specialized parts. With particularly small screws on the hopper feedneck, the DAM may be difficult to adjust or customize without additional tool purchases. 


tippmann tmt tmc elite 0.68 paintball magfed gun

The Tippmann TMT TMC Elite is a magfed .68 caliber semi-automatic paintball gun that boasts a very realistic look and is made of premium quality materials. 

This is especially important for players and enthusiasts who enjoy high-octane matches. The durability of this marker will help prevent impacts on its components. 

Featuring a 12” high-performance 98-threaded barrel makes this marker a great option of those looking for customization options.

The TMT TMC Elite comes with 2 reliable magazines as well as a dummy insert should you decide to use it in a conventional hopper-fed game.


  • Upgradable. Designed to be customized, the Tippmann TMT TCR Elite is excellent for upgrades.
  • Performance and Reliability. If you are in the search for a magfed that has a reliable operation and rapid-firing performance, the Tippmann TMC is definitely worth considering.


  • Complicated disassembly. While this magfed paintball gun is meant to be customized, the disassembly process can be confusing, especially for entry-level users or people unfamiliar with the customization process. 
  • Length / Size (if used with a tank). Using it with a tank can make the entire marker very long


first strike t15 mag fed marker

Designed to give users a true to life AR experience, the T15 from First Strike is perfect for authentic paintball action. The gun is ready for .68 caliber paintballs and comes with 19/20 round First Strike magazines.

Users enjoy a continuous feed design, letting them fire 20 rounds with a single trigger pull. The gun also features an in-stock 13/3000 psi air tank for maximum AR realism. 


  • Realistic design. With a built-in air tank, the T15 is a 1-to-1 AR rifle platform.
  • Solid build. First Strike’s aluminum building materials make this gun a durable option for intense paintball games.
  • Accurate. The T15 is regularly praised for being an accurate weapon, making it a great choice for competitive games and players.
  • Solid mid-range price. At about $550, the T15 offers attractive features for a fair price.


  • Leaky air tank. Some users have faced leaking air tanks.
  • Clunky design. Because of First Strike’s commitment to realism, the T15 can be a frustratingly designed option if you need a sleeker weapon.
  • Paintball eater. Some users mention the gun destroying paintballs before they’re shot, while others mention the gun’s standard magazine having similar issues. 



The M17 offers players an internally regulated mechanical blow forward system and a polymer composite build with metal components. With simple disassembly, this gun is an excellent option if you’re looking for easy maintenance.

It’s also very lightweight considering the body’s steel elements, coming in at just 5 pounds. The gun comes with a magazine, and its barrel can be easily swapped for a more accurate option. 


  • Easy maintenance. With simple disassembly, this gun is perfect for users who want an easy gun care plan.
  • Low price. The M17’s features and build quality make its $300 average price point well worth the money.
  • No batteries required. Unlike some magfed paintball guns, this option doesn’t require any batteries.


  • Needs regular repairs. The M17 needs repairs and cleaning more often than other magfed paintball guns. 
  • Low-quality magazine. The M17’s standard magazine is lower quality than other options, meaning you will probably have to spend more on a replacement. 


what is the best mag fed paintball gun

Another great option from Tippman, the Stormer Elite .68 caliber dual fed is a magfed paintball gun for players who care about aesthetics.

The military-inspired design provides the perfect balance of function and looks, giving users a durable build that can withstand even the roughest games.

The gun also offers a traditional hopper-fed system along with its magazine-fed option. Users can customize to their heart’s content thanks to Tippman’s versatile attachment design. 


  • Great for everyone. While pros and cons will be different for each user, the Stormer Elite is a great option for new and experienced paintballers alike.
  • Very accurate. Users regularly praise this gun for its accuracy. 
  • Rugged design. With military strength in mind, the Stormer Elite is a durable gun that will last through tough environments and active plays. 


  • Spring issues. Some users complain about spring reload issues.
  • Basic design. The Stormer Elite may be too basic for more advanced players, especially those looking for a more customized paintball experience. 


t4e hk416 magfed paintball rifle marker

This gun may not have a catchy name, but don’t let that fool you. The T4E is designed to be a remarkably accurate replica of real firearms. With a wide variety of rail attachment points and a metal design, this gun is made to last.

The gun also allows shots of up to 330 FPS, making it a slightly higher-ranking option than the average paintball gun and perfect for more advanced players. With an adjustable rear sight, the T4E is ready to fit your specific needs. 


  • Extreme realism. If you want a magfed paintball gun that realistically replicates real firearms, this is the gun for you.
  • Solid build. With a metal body and internals, the T4E is a good option for rough play.
  • Higher FPS. The gun’s 330 FPS is faster better than most, making it a solid pick for users in more advanced areas.


  • Hard to repaint. The T4E’s design makes it difficult to repaint and customize. 
  • Not for everyone. With a design focused on realism, the T4E may be too limited in function for more adventurous players. 

Valken CQMF 0.68 MagFed Riffle

valken cqmf magfed riffle

Based on the M17, this CQMF magfed riffle takes advantage of the very efficient heat core system and it can be fitted with all Milspec hand guard options. 

The Valken CQMF (which stands for Close Quarters Mag Fed in case you were wondering!) utilizes a blow-forward operating system that has been designed for accuracy and consistency. 

Compatible with 0.68 caliber paintballs as well as First Strike ammo, this mechanical magfed paintball gun doesn’t require any batteries and can function in both semi-auto as well as full-auto shooting modes at a flip of a lever!

It is constructed from ballistic grade steel and aluminum, making it one of the most rugged and toughest magfed riffles out there.


  • Mechanical. No batteries are needed!
  • Semi-automatic and full automatic action
  • Quality materials. Made from ballistic grade steel and aluminum.


  • HPA tank not included
  • Not compatible with A5 threaded barrels. This marker has a proprietary barrel thread.


The newer PDW model is based on the ever-popular T15, and comes with high-end accessories to build out an amazing magazine-fed marker.

The biggest difference between this PDW version versus the original T15 is the mil-spec collapsible carbine stock where unlike the original model you cannot insert a tank in it anymore.

The First Strike T15 PDW features a 7” free floating lock handguard where you can hook it up with attachments such as lasers, sights, or scopes. Interestingly while it has a Lapco 8.5-inch smooth bore barrel, the front tip makes the shot sound louder!

Twisting the barrel locking position switches the gun between magfed and hopper mode. It is worth pointing out though that the T15 PDW while capable, doesn’t come with any hopper attachments out of the box.


  • Amazing carry case. It’s amazingly beautiful and has a 007 feel to it.
  • Solid rugged reliability. This marker is a complete workhorse. 


  • Can be expensive. Especially if you don’t value the premium upgrades over the original T15. 
  • Requires accessories. Needed to switch it to hopper mode.



For first-time mag-fed players, the TMC Magfed Marker from Tippman might be perfect. With an adjustable 250-325 FPS, the TMC is a versatile shooter that’s perfect for constantly changing environments.

The gun also features a semi-automatic design and an authentic firearm appearance. 


  • Great value. With effective features and a high-quality design, this gun is an exceptionally good price. 
  • Very customizable. With a design ready for customization, this gun is ready to meet each user’s specific needs.
  • Reliable. Thanks to Tippman’s attention to detail, the TMC is a reliably accurate gun.
  • Smart design. With sharp edges and durable material, this gun is a good option for users who care about their gun’s look.


  • Bad barrel. Some users mention this gun’s barrel being of poor quality.
  • Low FPS out of the box. Users say the gun hits about 150 FPS when first opened, making upgrades necessary. 


planet eclipse emek emf100 paintball gun

With a built-in mag-release lock, the EMEK EMF100 from Planet Eclipse is perfect for fast-paced games. The gun comes ready with toolless detent access, MOE rail compatibility, and a hoseless air transfer system.

With mag-fed and hopper-fed configurations, this gun is a versatile partner for any paintballer. Users also enjoy 135 PSI operating pressure and a battery-free setup. 


  • Ready for action. The gun’s mag-release lock makes it ready for action without the risk of accidentally dropping ammunition.
  • Compatible with DYE DTM magazines. The EMF100 DYE DTM magazine compatibility makes it a versatile option.


  • Expensive. Compared to similar guns, the EMF100 is an expensive choice.
  • Limited mag support. Although this gun is compatible with the DYE DTM, other mag options are limited. 

Umarex T4E TM-4 Carbine 0.43 Magfed

This magfed gun is used by law enforcement and the military themselves for training purposes. 

In case you didn’t know, T4E stands for ‘Training For Engagement’

and this paintball gun is slightly different in that it is a training rifle designed to look, feel, weigh and sound just like a real M-4 carbine rifle

Featuring an all-metal build, it comes in a hard-plastic case that is fitted with foam padding. 

This 0.43 caliber paintball gun is able to shoot at 315 FPS velocity and uses a 12g CO2 cartridge. 

It comes with semi-automatic capabilities and uses a 14-round magazine.


  • Authentic experience. Given it is designed after the M-4, the T4E TM-4 provides as real an experience as you can get.
  • Multi-use. Ammo capabilities include 0.43 caliber paintball, dust balls as well as rubber balls.


  • Magazine size. Relatively small and doesn’t store paintballs well.
  • Replacement parts. Can be hard to find or expensive.

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