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How to store a paintball gun out of household items

You have played the paintball games safely, now its time to store a paintball gun safely. Remember it is a gun and it can hurt somebody. You could end up being liable and legally responsible for that, should someone find out that your gun and your lack of care and proper storage resulted in an injury. So, it is something to pay attention to.

The best ways to store a paintball gun at home are PVC, Vinyl wrap, gun cabinet, lockbox, and trunk. Storing a paintball gun in a safer way will assure the safety of other people and also improve the life of your gun.

Depending on the price you can afford for the store, you may choose one any one of them

How to store a paintball
Why it is important to store a paintball separate?

Paintballs certainly would not hurt you to the same level as a normal gun does. Even though it will not be a threat to other life, but it can hurt to a level where we need to be hospitalized. In addition to that, you will also need to face the legal consequences following it. Thus, it is always safer to provide great care for your paintball guns.

Benefits of storing a paintball gun at a separate place

There may be a chance that you have multiple paintball guns you use. In such a case,  choose a single place where you can store all your guns in one place. This way, you can avoid confusion on where it is stored and concentrate your safety measures at one place. Addition to that you can avoid any chance of your kids or minors touching it without your knowledge.

Let’s move forward to discuss detail on different ways in which you can store your paintball gun.

Prepare your gun for storing

First thing you want to do before you try to store the weapon is you want to take away the Co2 tank or HPA tanks, hopper away from your gun. Just like you do in maintenance, you want to take away the propellant, you want the air to come off. Remove paints completely if you have any hopper attached to it.

We know there’s no paint in the weapon. So, what you want to do is pull the trigger and let the bolt go forward gently and now the bolt is forward, the safety is on, there’s no paint, there’s no air and it’s double safe. It’s usually a good idea to store your paint and your HPA tank away from your gun.

Different methods to store your gun


One of the easiest and cost-effective ways is using a PVC pipe to store. If you have any unused PVC at your home you can use it or else buy from the nearest hardware shop. A PVC diameter ranging between 4 inches to 6 inches will serve you better. Also, buy PVC caps to close the store.

  • Cut the PVC with a length greater than the size of your gun.
  • Check whether the caps fit properly at both the cut edges.
  • Make the PVC inside dry and avoid any chance of moisture inside it.
  • Keep your paintball gun inside the PVC in a horizontal direction.
  • Close both the open ends with the caps.

You may now choose an abandoned are inside your home as a place to keep the PVC storage.

Vinyl Wrap

Another safer method is using a vinyl wrap over your gun. Vinyl wraps will keep your gun from away from corrosion.

  • Visit any shop nearby you which provide vinyl wrapping at low cost or purchase one suitable to use.
  • Now wrap your gun in all direction using the vinyl warp.
  • Make sure you cover the paintball trigger perfectly.
  • Store it is any place away from kids vicinity.

Gun cabinet

If you can spend some money on storing your gun, you can then purchase a gun cabinet. A gun cabinet is designed mainly for storing guns safely. Thus you can make use of it for storing your paintball gun. Mostly gun cabinets come with inbuilt locking option. In addition to that, these cabinets will come with plastic or glass window. Thus, you can showcase your guns where ever you need.

Lockbox or trunk

In case you do not want to spend money on buying a gun cabinet, you can use any unused lock box or trunk. But always make sure that you store the trunk or lock box in an attic for safety.

Final verdict

Once you’ve done any of the above storage methods, then you’ve met the legal requirements. The other thing to remember is to keep it in a dry place, you don’t want the weapon to sit up wet. And, another thing I always do is I take the gun oil and I actually oil all the screws on the weapon. Push the pins, just a little bit, just to make sure that the next time I come back to take it apart, they’re well lubricated. If you come across a gun and you have to open it up and it has rusty screws, it’s always a good idea to put a little oil on it first. Let that soak down into the threads and, it makes it a lot easier to break the screw loose, without damaging them.

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