Paintball Grenades: How They Work, How To Use Them & The Best One

There is always so much talk about paintball markers and which one is best, or what equipment to wear to be able to perform your best. 

However, chatter about accessories such as paintball grenades seems to have disappeared into the conversation background. 

So what are these mystical devices, and how do they work? Well, this article will take you through everything you need and want to know about paintball grenades, from how they work to how to use them properly to the best one you can purchase. 

How Does A Paintball Grenade Work?

How Does A Paintball Grenade Work

There are two important things to note before we get into everything; first, paintball grenades are not allowed in tournaments (most common in woodsball, scenario paintball, and recreational play). 

Second, there are two types of paintball grenades that work differently: explosive paintball grenades and non-explosive paintball grenades

Generally speaking, a paintball grenade will splatter paint in a specific area within a maximum radius. Then, it will either explode on its own in a few seconds or explode on impact, depending on which type of grenade you have. 

Explosive paintball grenades work very similarly to their military counterpart — hand or frag grenades. A safety cap that reveals a fuse when removed and a pin that you need to pull out to light said fuse. 

Once the pin is pulled, the fuse ignites, giving you about three to five seconds before the grenade explodes, spewing paint everywhere. 

Non-explosive paintball grenades have a very similar function to water balloons. A rubber tube is secured on one end and loosely tied with a pin on the other. 

Once this pin is released and the paint grenade is thrown against a hard surface, the pressurized paint in the rubber tube goes everywhere. 

Do Paintball Grenades Hurt?

The only way a paintball grenade can hurt is if you are hit directly when the opponent throws it

Otherwise, when paintball grenades explode, they only spray paint everywhere — it is not like getting hit with a bunch of paintballs, so you will not be injured at all for the most part.  

No pieces or fragments are coming off the paintball grenade when it explodes. In this context, the term “explodes” refers to the pressurized paint being released and not an actual explosion (although explosive paint grenades can be quite loud). 

Are Paintball Grenades Reusable?

Some paintball grenades can be reused (if you can retrace your steps and find the cap and tubing). Although, as you may have guessed, that is not always a possibility in the middle of a match. 

Most homemade paint grenades fall into this reusable category, again if your steps are retraced. 

However, many of the grenades you will buy from the store are not the easiest to reuse. You would have to find the pin and the empty grenade to refill it

It still comes down to being able to remember where you dropped the pin and threw the grenade during a high-adrenaline game. It is not the most simple thing to do, but that being said, it is definitely not impossible. 

How To Use Paintball Grenades Effectively

best paintball grenade

There are a few things to consider to ensure you are using paintball grenades in the most effective way possible. 

Firstly, you will want to make sure you have a clear, unobstructed shot so that the grenade can hit your intended target. If you have tree branches in the way, for example, hitting them can cause the grenade to bounce back towards you and your team. 

Next, it is always a good idea to yell that there is a grenade incoming, which benefits you in a couple of different ways.

The first way is that it will force your opponent to move out of cover if they think the grenade is heading towards them. 

If they do move, you will have a clear shot at them; if not, they will be next to the grenade and be out of the game anyways. 

Another tip to ensure you are using paintball grenades most efficiently is to keep them dry. This is mainly for the explosive paint grenades that have a fuse. 

Logically, prolonged moisture can result in difficulties igniting the fuse — then your grenade will not work at all. 

Best Paintball Grenade

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While deciding which paintball grenade is the best may be subjective, one, in particular, seems to be getting the most praise: the Tippman Big Boy Pull Pin Grenade in Poly Bag

This grenade was re-designed to resemble a real-life grenade. It has a 30ft spray pattern and contains 10 ounces of paint (that you can refill). 

Even more, its new design is more comfortable in your hand and is very easy to operate with a simple pull-pin mechanism. 

Many claim it is a full-functioning and most reliable of any paint grenade. But, of course, again, this subject is entirely subjective. 

Can You Use Smoke Grenades In Paintball?

The short answer is yes. You can use smoke grenades in paintball. However, it is always important to check with your local field since rules can differ depending on where you play.

 In addition, there are specific smoke grenades made for airsoft and paintball games. Obviously, you would not be using military-grade smoke bombs. 

The only thing that differs here is the rules between specific fields/leagues. Just because one place does not allow smoke grenades does not mean it is a universal rule. Smoke grenades are legal in paintball. 

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