7 Best Paintball Places In Chicago: Their Pricing, Field Type & More

If you reside in Chicago and are keen to have a tremendous and amazing paintball experience, good news because there are many reliable paintball places here.

A lot provides a wide array of outdoor and indoor options with inspired events and games to make your experience unforgettable.

It doesn’t matter if you are a part of a group wanting to set up a playtime or seeking open play, I advise you to check the list below.

These are the best paintball fields in Chicago!

Badlandz Paintball Field306 W. Elmscourt Lane Crete, ILthebadlandz.com
Paintball Explosion 601 Dundee Ave. East Dundee, IL 60118www.pbbomb.com
CPX Sports2903 Schweitzer Road Joliet, IL 60436www.cpxsports.com
Area 52702 Smith St Mackinaw, IL 6175www.area52paintball.com
Paint Pursuit Games P.O. Box 545 Plainfield, IL 60544www.paintballfieldchicago.com
Aggressive Paintball10349 Southwest Highway, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415m.facebook.com/p8ntwarz
Fox Paintball 1939 S Bridge St Yorkville, IL 60560www.foxpaintball.com
RHC Paintball Fields5016 Illinois Rt 173 Richmond, IL 60071www.rhcpaintballfields.com

Badlandz Paintball Field

Badlandz Paintball Field might be the best choice if you seek some tough landscape.

This paintball field is situated just twenty-five minutes from the city of Chicago, provides five distinct camps, and hosts special themed games like The Avengers: Fight for Badlands.

If you plan to hold business’ outings or team-building parties or perhaps some open paintball play, consider Badlands. 

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: 306 W. Elmscourt Lane Crete, IL
  • Phone: (708) 418-3335
  • Website: www.thebadlandz.com
  • Email: info@thebadlandz.com
  • Pricing: 2 Pack for $84.99- 4 Pack for 199.99

Paintball Explosion 

If you find some paintball fields short of terrain and scenario settings, you will be impressed by this one. Located just near the Chicago area, Paintball Explosion is in Santa’s Village Amusement Park.

Here, you can participate with your friends and loved ones in a paintball-themed park that boasts move excellence sets modeled after CoD. They also offer Laser Tag and Airsoft parties, while walk-on play is also available.

If you want to relax or chill out after a game, there is a bar and grill inside the field. 

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: 601 Dundee Ave. East Dundee, IL 60118
  • Phone: (847) 426-2662
  • Website: www.pbbomb.com
  • Email: sales@pbbomb.com

CPX Sports

This is one of the best paintball places in Chicago, composed of 143 acres as well as more than 24 playing fields. This is the best place for walk-ons and private groups. CPX Sports provides both outdoor and indoor arenas.

The indoor facility is situated in Melrose Park that features more than 35,000 sq ft of playing arenas and exclusive rooms for birthday parties and corporate retreats.

They also host Living Legends, national paintball event, which honors those who assisted make the sport paintball and people who assisted mold its history. 

 Area 52

This is one of the best paintball places that you consider. This provides outdoor fanatics an opportunity to play Paintball as well as canoeing. This place expert in open plays on Saturday and Sunday.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to play with friends or solo; there is no reason you cannot set up a place in this place. Weekdays do need an appointment, and there’s also a completely stocked fridge with sports and energy drinks. 

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Address: 702 Smith St Mackinaw, IL 6175
  • Phone: (309) 208-1053
  • Website: www.area52paintball.com
  • Email: area@area52paintball.com
  • Pricing: Paintball package for 2 for only $20

Paint Pursuit Games

This is a perfect venue for Paintball, particularly if you are with younger players interested in partaking in the sport.

This paintball place is situated in Central Chicago and is also regarded by many paintballers as the only Paintball venue in Chicago with exclusive group outings.

The staff has dedicated to the rules and regulations on the policies of operation to ensure that all the guests and players have the best and most memorable experience. 

Due to the accessible location, you can look forward to this paintball venue being crowded; however, the best thing about it is that they limit the number of guests and players they allow on the paintball venue at once.

Without this policy in place, Paint Pursuit Games would be bombarded with paintballers all day long. Unless you call them ahead of time, you can’t play since they believe in open play or walk-ons.

So, if you want to take advantage of the amazing venue of this paintball field, you need to call in ahead of time to arrange a schedule. 

Aggressive Paintball

Aggressive Paintball is one of the few paintball fields in Chicago committed and dedicated to exclusive private paintball group games from the very beginning.

They want to believe that their paintball venue is the most excellent in Chicagoland and entire Illinois.

They take full responsibility to act as the most excellent very seriously and hope that they live up to the expectations of their customers each time.

There are a lot of outdoor paintball fields in Chicago, but this one has the largest as well as most realistic one of them all. At Aggressive Paintball, your party is one of a limited number of groups a day.

This enables the management to be more customized with your games without delays and without waiting to get on their paintball field.

You and your friends or colleagues play on a wide wooden paintball field where you are able to move and make use of your tactics and strategy.

They also add extra amenities to their rental gear, which most other fields in Chicago charge extra for.

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Address: 10349 Southwest Highway, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
  • Phone: + 1 708-581-2555
  • Email: mr.paintball68@yahoo.com
  • Website: https://m.facebook.com/p8ntwarz/
  • Pricing: Pricing Varies 

Fox Paintball 

This is one of the best paintball fields in Chicago that you must give a try. They have been in operation since 1990 and have been an established venue since 1994.

This was an original place for the National Survival Game brands that began in 1982. Fox Paintball is owned and managed by Tim Glavin.

This venue has played a vital role in developing the sport of Paintball into a thriving business. It is situated along the borders of the Fox River, outside Millington Town, IL, in Newark Township.

The pathways and terrains allow for superb woodsball play with a complete complement of big bushes, creeks, vegetation, as well as some hills.

Other parts of the field are developed in scenario type using different structures like boats, cars, giant tires, barrels, shipping containers, trenches, and other different bunker creating technologies. 

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: 1939 S Bridge St Yorkville, IL 60560
  • Phone: (630) 585-5651
  • Email: emailus@foxpaintball.com
  • Website: https://www.foxpaintball.com/
  • Pricing: Paintballer package $40

RHC Paintball Fields 

RHC Paintball Fields is a go-to paintball field if you want to experience real fun and excitement.

They specialize in offering Southern WI and Northern IL the biggest as well as the most excellent offering of outdoor paintball fields- seven scenario fields, three speedball fields, and one indoor.

In short, they offer both indoor and outdoor plays. 

RHC Paintball Fields was established in the year 2010 and shared the facilities of the Richmon Hunting Club. Fifty acres have been dedicated for the RHC Paintball Fields.

This is also considered one of the best kid-friendly paintball fields in the whole of Chicago. The main goal of this venue is for paintballers to have a safe, thrilling paintballing experience. 

  • Type: Both outdoor and indoor 
  • Address: 5016 Illinois Rt 173 Richmond, IL 60071
  • Phone: (815) 678-3271
  • Website: https://www.rhcpaintballfields.com/
  • Email: sally.garrett@richmondhuntclub.com
  • Pricing: N.A.


These are only some of the many paintball fields in Chicago that are worth visiting. Make sure to read reviews about the area in order to make the best out of your play. 

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