7 Best Paintball Places In Illinois: Their Pricing, Field Type & More 

Illinois is a place to a significant number of paintball places. This state is the ideal location for outdoor and indoor paintball scenarios, with densely forested stretches, rivers, streams, and challenging rural terrain.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to this sport and wish to keep it simple with an indoor venue, or you are a skilled player looking for a bigger and wider venue with immersive settings to engage with; you are not short of options in this state. 

If you want the best, safest, and players’ friendly paintball field with lots of facilities, look no further as below is the list of some of the best paintballing venues you can visit at this point in Illinois. 

Pekin Paintball ParkPekin Paintball Park 14444 Towerline Rd. Pekin, IL 61554pekinpaintballpark.com
Bing Field Paintball500 Bing Field Road Alton, IL 62002bingfield.com
Area 52702 Smith St Mackinaw, IL 6175area52paintball.com
Wacky Warriors Paintball East3908 Mine Haul Rd, Millstadt, IL 62260, United Stateswww.wackywarriors.com
Saltford Paintball2150 CR 1600 N St. Joseph, IL, 61873www.saltforkpaintball.com
Badlandz Paintball Field306 W. Elmscourt Lane Crete, ILthebadlandz.com
Paintball Explosion 601 Dundee Ave. East Dundee, IL 60118pbbomb.com

Pekin Paintball Park

If you are searching for a wider paintball field in Illinois, Pekin Paintball Park is the best choice. This paintball venue covers over 10 acres, with half a dozen individual venues on offer.

These venues differ in style and design, with each one made toward diverse playing scenarios as well as levels of skills.

The COD or Call of Duty-inspired driving range will surely appeal to video game fanatics, while the artificial turf venue is a smart choice for people who are not kitted out for a ready and rough woods ball engagement.

Every outdoor field is approximately the size of a conventional football field that also offers players an opportunity to take pleasure in a close combat engagement.

This field is open daily for private groups, even if individual paintballers and smaller groups can also take pleasure in a walk-on play.

Also, you will find a complete array of equipment available for rent, even if the availability of such a tool will depend on how hectic the place is on any given day. So, it really makes sense to reserve the place beforehand.

Bing Field Paintball

Bing Field caters to an array of different types of sports, which include laser tag as well as airsoft. On the other hand, its paintball venue is surely the standout and the best offering of this unparalleled venue.

This amazing paintball field provides an array of fields, which include a staging area and many diverse areas, which have been dressed in order to accommodate many game-play scenarios.

Even if this field caters to walk-on paintballers, it’s really geared towards larger groups and bigger events. If you’re searching for somewhere you can just turn up and begin playing; you’ll be astounded by the low rates and wide selection of rental options.

On the other hand, if you wish to maximize this amazing venue, it’s highly recommended that you pull together a group of ten players or more. Online booking is very simple, while huge discounts are also available if you book for a private game.

Semi-professional events are held regularly at this place, so it’s surely worth checking the imminent schedule if you’re an individual paintballer looking to get involved with a scheduled event.

Area 52

If you are searching for an outdoor venue in Illinois, then Area 52 is a perfect choice. Aside from being a paintball venue, Area 52 also caters to watersports fanatics and offers canoe rentals. During weekends, they offer open play sessions. While if you want to play during weekdays, it is ideal to call them ahead of time. 

The riverside and wooden surroundings make it a specifically rewarding place for fanatics of wood balls, with this field regularly rearranged to offer frequent visitors a new challenge each time.

The hyper-field is chiefly challenging for players who want to play at pace. It doesn’t matter if your group is three or more; there is no reason you cannot set up a place in this place. Weekdays do need an appointment, and there’s also a fully stocked fridge with sports and energy drinks for when you build up that thirst. 

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Address: 702 Smith St Mackinaw, IL 6175
  • Phone: (309) 208-1053
  • Website: www.area52paintball.com
  • Email: area@area52paintball.com
  • Pricing: Paintball package for 2 for only $20

Wacky Warriors Paintball East

This is the best field for paintballers looking for an outdoor paintball venue that all ages can enjoy. This big or wide outdoor field welcomes paintballers regardless of age and skill level. Kids can join in the low-impact games.

Kids ages ten years over can take pleasure in standard games, even if they will have to give a waiver signed by the guardian.

Every Saturday and Sunday, they are open for play sessions, with reasonable packaged which includes 500 rounds as well as full equipment rental. If you search for a place to play as part of a big group, you can take benefit of many discounted packages. 

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Address: 3908 Mine Haul Rd, Millstadt, IL 62260, United States
  • Phone: +1 314-518-4436
  • Email: wackywarriors@gmail.com
  • Website: http://www.wackywarriors.com/
  • Price: 2,000 Rounds for only $65.00 -1,000 Rounds for only $35.00 -500 for only $20.00 -100 rounds cost $5.00 

Saltford Paintball

This is one of the best and great paintball fields in Illinois. They offer good rental prices; however, the rates are very cheap if you bring your own tools or equipment. Saltford Paintball is just a field paint park; however, the paint rates are cheap.

They offer six scenario venues with two-story bridges and bunkers, low walls, forts, and natural terrain of hybrid woodsball venues. They are set up for many diverse game modes. They also have venues of different sizes for diverse styles of games. 

Aside from private matches and open play, this paintball field also hosts special events. They kept the events calendar updated, therefore ensuring to always monitor for seasons or other special games. This field is practically assured good time.

You are required to sign a waiver. Players under eighteen will also need the signature of a guardian or parent. 

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: 2150 CR 1600 N St. Joseph, IL, 61873
  • Phone: 217-778-7743
  • Email: NA
  • Website: https://www.saltforkpaintball.com/
  • Price: Standard $30 Silver $45 Gold $55

Badlandz Paintball Field

Badlandz Paintball Field might be the best choice if you seek some tough terrain. This paintball field is situated just twenty-five minutes from Chicago, provides five distinct camps, and hosts special themed games like The Avengers: Fight for Badlands.

If you plan to hold your next business outing or birthday party or perhaps some open play, consider Badlands. 

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: 306 W. Elmscourt Lane Crete, IL
  • Phone: (708) 418-3335
  • Website: www.thebadlandz.com
  • Email: info@thebadlandz.com
  • Pricing: 2 Pack for $84.99- 4 Pack for 199.99

Paintball Explosion 

If you find some paintball fields short of terrain and scenario settings, you will be impressed by this one. Located just forty minutes west of Chicago, Paintball Explosion is in Santa’s Village Amusement Park.

Here, you can join your friends and loved ones in a paintball-themed park that boasts move quality sets modeled after Call of Duty.

They also offer Laser Tag and Airsoft parties, while walk-on plays are also available. If you want to relax or chill out after a game, there is a bar and grill inside the field. 

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: 601 Dundee Ave. East Dundee, IL 60118
  • Phone: (847) 426-2662
  • Website: www.pbbomb.com
  • Email: sales@pbbomb.com

In Summary

Aside from the mentioned places, there are other places in Illinois’ for the paintball game. If you are new to this sport, you might be better off searching into playing at outdoor centers or a small indoor field.

Are you planning to play paintball with kids? No problem, as some of the venues mentioned accommodates kids as they have a skilled and friendly referee who will oversee your kids while playing. 

Regardless of the field you choose, if you do not have access to your paintball marker as well as paintball equipment, you’ll need to ensure any given field provides rental facilities.

You’ll have to think of the schedule. A lot of paintball fields provide open play sessions during the weekend; however, these days are normally very busy and hectic.

So, it might be good to book a game ahead of time, especially if you are playing with a large number of people. 

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