7 Best Paintball Places In Pennsylvania: Their Pricing, Field Type & More

How much thrill and excitement you can have while playing paintball largely depends on the fields you are playing.

If you are playing on a poorly and defectively made or horribly handled paintball field, then you will have a bad experience.

On the other hand, if you are playing in a suitable paintball venue that is well-developed, well-managed, and has skilled referees who care about the player’s experience, then most likely going to have a memorable time.

Here is the list of the best paintball places in Pennsylvania to assist you with an idea of what a fantastic paintball venue looks like. Without further a due, let’s start with one of the most sought-after ones.

Skirmish Paintball211 North Meckesville Rd Albrightsville, PA 18210www.skirmish.com
EMR Event Park577 Wolfs Lair Rd, New Milford, PA, United States, Pennsylvaniaemreventpark.com
Ambush Adventure Park91 Hilltop Drive Conestoga PA 17516www.ambushadventurepark.com
Crusader Paintball225 Lincoln Highway Fairless Hills, PA 19030crusaderpaintball.com
Iron Triangle Paintball7720 Chestnut St Zionsville, Pennsylvania, 18092irontrianglepaintball.com
Outdoor Xtreme Hatfield307 Swartley Road, Hatfield, Pennsylvaniawww.oxhatfield.com
Mercer Airsoft Center1915 Mercer West Middlesex Rd Mercer, Pennsylvania, 16137mercerairsoftcenter.com

Skirmish Paintball

This is one of the best paintball venues in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania- a place of the Invasion of Normandy scenario paintball game. Typically, you can look forward to more than 4000 players joining this WWII-themed paintball game.

This is also considered one of the largest paintball venues ever made, spanning more than 750 acres on the Mt. Pocono and consisting of 50 plus themed paintball maps. The most well-known paintball venue at Skirmish is the Tippmann Castle, which is three stories tall and has a siege tower.

Some other cool venues are Fort Skirmish, Tunnels, Hemlock, Cyclone, Shadowlands, Tippmann, and many others. You can look forward to witnessing dense woods, open fields, swamps, creeks, villages, forts, trees, cargo containers, airplanes, tanks, inflatable bunkers as well as speedball arenas. 

EMR Event Park

EMR Event Park is not just the most popular paintball place in PA but also the largest, with many castles to choose from to play on.

You can select from Castle Numbskull, Castle War, and Castle Aaarrrh. These three amazing castles have lots of buildings, barricades, and many stories and two and three-story towers which you can climb to the top and throw down paintballs from above.

If you get weary of playing paintball in any castle, you can go to one of the towns or visit the Wild West, Sgt. Splatters Playground or Ferrymen’s Airfield. This 122- acre facility has a 2- story heated rec-center with food and drinks services, a paintball store as well a lounger area on the second story.

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Address: 577 Wolfs Lair Rd, New Milford, PA, United States, Pennsylvania
  • Phone: +1 570-465-9622
  • Email: Tim@EMReventpark.com
  • Website: https://emreventpark.com/

Ambush Adventure Park

AAP or Ambush Adventure Park is a place for thrilling Paintball and Airsoft in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. They have more than 35 acres of wood fields, an acre city field that has twenty buildings, 3-small villages, a 5000 sq ft two-story castle, and a whole lot more.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to play all day or simply a 3-hour block; Ambush Adventure Park is happy to match and meet your needs. They also offer walk-ons allowing players to get a feel of the sport as well as know some new techniques from the experts.

No equipment or experience is needed; they can supply the whole thing you want. They highly recommend making a reservation ahead of time if you want to rent a gun. The staff has many years of experience in the business to assist you in getting started.

The team is always available to help with any issues and concerns you might have and provide some tips to assist new players get into the sport. If you’re interested in trying paintball or have been playing for decades, head to this place and experience the paintball fields.

Crusader Paintball

Crusader Paintball is one of the most reliable paintball fields in PA. They are experts in offering paintball parties in PA and the surrounding areas.

From birthday parties of ten players to business outings of more than 100 players, Crusader Paintball is able to handle an array of requests and often works with hospitals, schools, government agencies, universities, and many more.

The packages include the whole thing such as rental mask, gun, tank, paintballs with private tables and fields. Crusader is the best-valued paintball venue you will find.

Walk-on is open every weekend for those who want to make a day of playing the sport. It doesn’t matter if you are a fanatic or wish to try paintball for the very first time; this is the best place for you.

Schedule the next bachelor party, birthday party, or team-building with them. They offer the facilities and equipment needed to host a hassle-free event.

Iron Triangle Paintball

This is a fantastic woods-ball venue, exceptional, and sets apart from the rest. This is owned and run by Sergeant Geb, a former Vietnam Marine Corps Veteran who managed to live being shot down two times, two hours of duty as well as 250 combat missions.

They have developed a paintball venue with a Vietnam setting or style. Even if the venue is rough around the corners, they do offer the vital elements which any wood ballpoint player could ever need.

From close-quarters fight to long-distance spinning, these paintball field bunkers, dense woods, and swamps will keep you amused and entertained for a couple of hours.

With their cheap packages as well as free barbeque lunch, what more could paintballers ever need. You are required to sign a waiver prior to starting your game.

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Address: 7720 Chestnut St Zionsville, Pennsylvania, 18092
  • Phone: : (610) 965-4382
  • Website: http://irontrianglepaintball.com/index.html
  • Email: irontrianglepb@gmail.com
  • Price: $50 plays all day but bring your tools and equipment. (Package one for $30 you’re your own tools includes lunch and entry fee. Package 2 for $60 if you want to rent equipment; this includes an entry fee covered, Webb gear with three guppies, paintball gun, lunch, 500 paintballs, and goggles.

Outdoor Xtreme Hatfield

This is one of the best paintball fields in Pennsylvania. Located at Swartley Road, Hatfield, Pennsylvania, you and your friends or loved ones are guaranteed to have a memorable and full of fun play.

Paintball is a fun sport wherein you compete individually or teams to get rid of opponents by tagging with a capsule that contains water-soluble or non-toxic dye as well as gelatin shell outside or also known as paintballs pushed from a paintball marker or gun.

You have the choice of playing with other teams or scheduling an exclusive group when you just want to play against group members. 

  • Type: Outdoor 
  • Address: 307 Swartley Road, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
  • Phone: (215) 997-7877
  • Email: info@oxcc.com
  • Website: https://www.oxhatfield.com/

Mercer Airsoft Center

If you are looking for a paintball field in PA that offers the whole thing, then Mercer Airsoft is a perfect choice. The paintball venues come with an outdoor environment that has 24 acres of natural and artificial features. The paintball venues are host to an extensive array of events like open plays, Mulsim operations as well as milsim lite.

The paintball venture is open from Friday to Saturday and Sunday. There are some cases where special events might extend the time and where seasonal periods might alter what days the venue is open.


Paintball is an amazing sport that also serves a good bonding with friends and loved ones. If you reside in Pennsylvania and are searching for a good paintball venue, you can try any of the aforementioned fields. They offer amazing facilities and low prices, so you are assured of the best plays.

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