Paintball Bunkering: What Is It & Step-By-Step Simple Guide

Are you looking for some strategies to learn how to bunker an opponent in paintball? Or are you looking for what is bunkering in paintball? In this post, I’ll go over both of them so you can up your level on the field.

What Is Bunkering In Paintball?

Bunkering is one of the most important paintball strategies if you want to dominate on the field. It is when a paintball player runs up to an opponent bunker and shoots the opponent/s from behind.

Bunkering is a beautiful way to clear the opponent team and lead your team to a win. At the same time, it has a high risk of you getting hit if you don’t execute the strategy well.

Therefore, you should decide wisely when to execute a bunkering move. And in this article, I will discuss in detail the exact circumstances in which you should and how to. Let’s begin.

How To Bunker Someone In Paintball

How To Bunker Someone In Paintball

First, Assess The Situation

The first and foremost important thing is that you need to execute a bunker strategy only when appropriate. Always check to see whether any of the below conditions are applicable in your case before you plan a bunkering move.

  • More than three opponents somewhere on the field (not in the bunker).
  • Your team has three or fewer left “alive”.
  • You’re running low on ammo or gas.
  • The opponent is camping in the bunker.
  • The opponent isn’t aware of your position.

Let us discuss each condition in details to know more about them.

More than three members are in your team

In case your opponent team still has three players roaming around, then there is a high chance that you will get shot before you even reach the opponent’s bunker.

Thus, it is always safe to go for bunkering when you know most of the opponent team is in the bunker, and there are only 1-2 of them outside somewhere.

Your team has fewer members.

In case your team has fewer players, for example, three including you, then it is almost always a bad move to go ahead with bunkering. It may increase your team’s chance of losing.

And a better move would be to take it slow. Unless the other team also has 3-4 players left, and most of them are in the bunker.

You’re running low on paintballs or gas.

Sometimes, you reach a point where you know you are about to run out of paint or gas. In this case, to save your team from losing, you can risk yourself by bunkering.

Most times, bunkering at this point will be the best use of the rest of the ammo and gas you have left.

The opponent is camping in a bunker.

If you find an opponent team player hard camping in a bunker, making passing there risky, and shooting at him useless (because he’ll just hide). In such a case, you probably should go for bunkering.

The opponent isn’t aware of your position.

This is a must. Because bunkering is a brute force strategy, if the opponent is aware of your position and sees (or hears) your getting closer, he will know what you’re doing and will be waiting for you with open fire.

Second, Execute

So, keep the above conditions in your mind and assess your situation before you go for bunkering. However, the next steps are very important because just going for bunkering is not enough, but you must first shoot down at least one opponent.

It’s Time To Execute

Now that you have analyzed the situation and decided to bunker the opponent/s, first convey this message to the rest of your team. Though, not verbally, as this will spoil your move, and you need the element of surprise to succeed with a bunker strategy.

You may use hand signals to convey your message. In addition, communicate which bunker you are going to shoot down. Make sure your teammates hold suppressive fire on the bunker while you’re executing.

Once your team starts firing, go fast and reach near the bunker. However, don’t sprint loudly, but rather a fast tip-toeing.

Once you reach the bunker entrance, give a slight peek (position with your back against the wall and move just the tip of your head in). If nobody’s paying attention, burst in with full fire, swiftly moving the aim from one opponent to the other.

What To Do If You Are Being Bunkered In Paintball

how to bunker paintball

There are always two sides to every coin. If you notice a bunker strategy going on against you (suppressive fire going on, and one of the opponents suddenly gone), don’t panic. Do either of the following:

  • Lay down in the corner closest to the entrance and play the waiting game.
  • Barge out of the bunker with a teammate, one watching the right side and the other watching the left.
  • Throw a grenade outside of the bunker.
  • Shoot suppressive fire into the entrance of the bunker.


There are many tactics in paintball that you could and should employ. Paintball bunkering is among the more aggressive ones, and it is by far the most thrilling one when executed properly.

Go ahead and try it in your next game, and if you fail, don’t worry; learn what you did wrong and try it again.

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