How To Make A Paintball Pod Holder For 2$: Step-By-Step

Do you know that a paintball pod holder is one of the essential gear pieces for any paintball player?

But, since I always like to cut down my cost of playing somehow, I was thinking, why don’t I make a paintball pod holder by myself? It’s a fairly simple piece of equipment. So I started collecting looking through various resources to find out the best way to make a paintball pod holder myself.

(I even made this guide on making your own homemade paintball gun – opens in a new tab.)

And while there are many options, I found many of them were needlessly time-consuming, and expensive. But, I found one I really liked, and it is what I am going to share with your guys today.

This homemade paintball pod holder worked really well for me, and it should for you too. It costs about 2-3$, and could even be 0$ if you have some of the stuff laying around at home.

Let’s start!

How To Make A Paintball Pod Holder

It is not a tedious process; you just need a few inches of an elastic band and velcro. You heard it right, only with an elastic band and some velcro can save you 20-50$. Let’s get to it.

Quick Steps:

Time needed: 25 minutes.

  1. Get an elastic band.
  2. Try to get a band that is about 5in wide.
  3. Stretch it around your waste.
  4. Stretch the elastic around the waist until it reaches a snug yet comfortable fit
  5. Cut the excess elastic.
  6. Use scissors to cut the excess elastic material.
  7. Glue velcro.
  8. Attach velcro to the end of the elastic
  9. Create elastic rings
  10. Make few rings out of the leftover elastic band to make pod holders.
  11. Mark pod holder positions.
  12. Mark the places where you want to place the pod holders.
  13. Stitch the rings on the elastic.
  14. Stitch the rings you made in the previous step to the elastic.
  15. Test.
  16. Check to make sure that everything is solidly put.

Detailed Steps

Get An Elastic Band

As a first step, get an elastic band that is about 5 inches wide. Make sure that it’s long enough to wrap around your waist. I believe 3 feet long elastic will be sufficient for most people.

If you have an elastic band at home, try to use that; if not, you can try to get one out of used sweatpants or simply visit a local hardware or fabric shop. It is extremely cheap.

Stretch It Around Your Waist

how to make a homemade paintball pod holder

Now stretch the elastic around the waist until it reaches a snug fit for you. Stretch it in a way that will feel comfortable while playing, and won’t drop either. Don’t go for a really tight fit as you’ll be able to tighten it a bit more with the velcro later on.

Cut The Excess Elastic

Cut off the excess elastic using scissors and make sure to keep the excess for later.

Glue The Velcro

diy paintball pod holder

Glue a velcro hook on one end of the elastic and a velcro loop on the other end. Just test it by placing it around your waist again before gluing fully. Note: use a mix of hot glue and superglue for the best results.

Stitch The Elastic Rings

If you have any paintball pods at your home, make a loop with the remaining elastic band around those pods. Use that diameter and make multiple rings that each hold one paintball pod.

Mark The Pod Holder Positions

Now keep the elastic around your waist and get some markings on the using a marker. You will stitch the pod holders at these marks, so make sure they are easily accessible and will make reloading swift and easy.

Attach The Rings To The Elastic Band

Now stitch the loops which you already made to the points you marked. Stich it properly so that the rings are not tilted (unless that is more comfortable for you)—also, test whether the holders are working properly by keeping some pods inside before stitching completely.

Test Your Pod Holder

You have completed the craft. You can now hold it over your waist and see whether it fits properly, whether the holders are solidly placed, and whether everything is easily accessible.

The main advantage of this homemade pod holder is that you can always more holders. You can even try stitching velcro pieces to the band and making pod holders with velcro, making for easily interchangeable holders.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying a paintball pod holder. Instead, you can make one at your home. It is simple and easy, will take you less than 25 minutes, and always be customizable. I hope this helped, good luck!

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